didn't know the bass player of Bon Jovi died recently


the sad news of Anne Heche's imminent passing should ensure her latest movie in post production starring (out of favour) Alec Baldwin will pay for itself

the war on sugar by the MSM is part of the debasement of food @adam

I eat a low fat high carb diet (high sugar). Not a pound overweight at 52.

Everybody mindlessly parrots sugar is bad and makes you fat, while they're all getting fat supplementing their necessary calories with fat.

Others who try to live low calorie lives are starving their brains and running on caffeine hence mass neurosis.

Look what they eat in Asia, lots of rice. Are they fat?

Westerners too scared to eat carbs get fat

Vaccidents are real. I can recall at least 2 famous people who've perished in singular car vaccidents this year here in Australia.


Australian Senator Alex Antic dropping truth nukes in parliament...

Why have they allowed Australians to be vilified, thrown out of jobs and discriminated against.

Its time to drain the billabong of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and agencies.

@Johncdvorak The Y2K bug wasn't a complete hoax. I specced 100's of program changes that were required on our Fujitsu mainframe system for a major energy company here back in 1998/99. The bug was real and it was widespread.

The scare was probably necessary to some extent to spur companies into action to prevent a worse case scenario.

Planes dropping out of the sky was possibly an exaggeration however I don't know anything about their onboard systems to comment with authority.

has anyone considered monkeypox might be long term side effect of Truvada?

fake election
fake president
fake Joe Biden
everything about this era is fake

@adam its the old money European aristocracy class that are responsible for Climate Change and Covid. Its their method of crowd control.

At the centre of it all is royalty and people have been falling for their ruses for centuries.

if you could name one world leader you respect....


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@ThatLARRYSHOW it gets more interesting when the security footage time stamps the explosion to 04:03:33 @adam

can anyone recommend a free and safe PDF converter for PC?

my windows one has decided to stop working for a while with the latest update

ICYMI the Aussie Cossack has been sentenced to 10 months jail in a maximum security prison for broadcasting the name of a convicted pedophile (who is out on bail) at a protest event.

He will spend the term in solitary due his his covid 'vaccination' status and no visitors allowed.

The government has deemed him a national security threat.

IMO Monkeypox is caused by the jab

its shingles side effects covered up and they're trying to ascribe it exclusively to gays

they're getting away with it by preventing straight people from eligibility to be tested for what they call 'monkeypox'... so if only gays get tested, only gays will appear in the stats

prediction: this will increase hetero marriage breakups as hetero men turn up with monkeypox and the wife will think he's having a gay affair => more division => lower birth rates

Why Australian Cities don't have Town Squares

(the answer is as I expected)


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