Listening to the show on the way back from work and I hear Adam and John discussing my generation and how some college kids are self proclaimed 'communists' which is absolutely ridiculous. As I'm driving I realize what street I'm in, it's called 'Karl Marx dreef '. The world is truly ending my friends.

Appreciation post for No Agenda. The only source of political information that doesn't stress me out, you guys have been absolutely spot on and I've learned so much in this first year of listening!

As these topics are getting more relevant and the show has been covering them for ages, could you guys help me explain to other people what is wrong with Bill Gates and his more recent activity? I have difficulty with delivering hard evidence

anyone got good clips on pcr tests? trying to prove a point

John saying 'dog in a stroller' is the best thing that ever happened on the show.

I thought my country was better than this, but we just got buttslammed. Masks in the major cities, everyone has to work from home if possible, 4 people max in gatherings inside. The list goes on and it's all because of the amount of (false)positives. I need jobs karma.

How do you guys deal with familymembers who are brainwashed by the mainstream media? I've lost my patience too many times.

Realistically, how will Joe get out of doing the debates? I cannot see the DP allowing him to do any version of a debate with Trump, it would obviously be a massacre.

my newsletter link doesn't seem to work, does anyone have one that works? this was the one I tried:

As a non American I have very little knowledge of 911. I trust my No Agenda family to know a lot more, what is your theory on 911? Was it a terrorist attack or was there government involved?

After hearing @Johncdvorak 's story about the weird darkness in San Francisco, we've been experiencing this odd orange glow all day in Holland and I can't help but wonder if the two are correlated in some way.

@adam Thank you for promoting Moe, talking about the globalists and china, quoting the bit coin jingle, introducing a lot of ideas to Joe and hyping up YoungJamie. Awesome podcast:)

could someone explain the amazon phones in trees clip? my underdeveloped 18 year old brains need help.

Good morning people, does anyone have the article/survey on 18-24 year olds considering suicide in the last 30 days from last show? I can't seem to find it in the shownotes.

In the morning! Excited for an amazing sunday show😁

As news about a vaccine this year is floating by a lot lately, do any of you guys plan to take whatever 'vaccine' it is that they will have lined up for us?

Does anybody have any book recommendations? I'm interested in anything that's well written:)

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