@DotardTed delete this IMMEDIATELY! Trains good planes bad!!!

TIL a new word: Tasseomancy.
If Divination by means of coffee grounds is a thing...this can only mean one thing.

I need more coffee. ๐Ÿ˜

This coffee is from Brazil. Literally. My friend went to Brazil and bought coffee and gave me some and it is already ground and I may have judged it. But it is motherfucking smooth.

The filter box, a thing of missouri ingenuity. Scrap 2ร—6, aluminum window screen, some screws and some handles made of a chopped up old dog leash

That dog'll hunt!

Rescued my pop from rental trap hell and got him close to 3 acres w/ a fishing pond, and now we get to enjoy the spoils forever.

Fuck what you heard, life's good

Nicki Minaj is gonna show em what happens when you fuck with people who never left the streets socially

Get rekt you soft commie fucks.

I redacted the number (poorly), she did not. She also posted pictures of the woman and insulted her eye makeup. It's kind of amazing. It's the perfect person to fight them on their level.

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order placed. Looking forward to trying them out. Unfortunately, could not give them a NAS shoutout during checkout.

My wife recently became interested in canning and preserving. More than anything because she likes cooking. She has morphed her canning focus more towards in the last couple of weeks based on current events.

She's a keeper!

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