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@bigl0af do the dudes named Ben use any tech tool belts out there. Looking for one to use in installs. Holding a cordless drill is a plus.

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@Murefu @Murefu hey man. Can you turn a wand? Looking to buy one for a Harry Potter bday party

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@roko so my wife was going to order this cool merch from the demolition ranch YouTube channel. These gun board shorts sold out in one day.

I should say Tom Fitton of judicial watch is reporting on Hannity.

Hannity is reporting that Victoria Nuland at State Department is in on the coup.

@stsmith @bigl0af @jeremiah we need to make a law that all teen drivers have to drive a manual transmission. They can’t easily text and drive.

Man. The golden state game ended with 3 3’s in a row. GG

Broadcasting bf4 little bird action. Welcome to my crazy world


@RickBrandon still got it. Lol. Barely. 290x3 reps. Machine is easier than free weights

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