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Met a customer that hyphenated his wife’s name onto his. Wtf. Grow some balls millennials

I got my septic tank pumped today. The pumper was an awesome guy. I asked if he ever gets sick. He said that he never gets sick, even when his whole family has the flu. Interesting.

I had posted the Coachella puppy dumper caught on camera. She got 1 year in jail not Yale.


@jeremiah my third son Theophilos first time being an alter boy. Taking after his great grandfather Rev. Theophilos Theophilos.

@dcgirl we needed your husband last evening. Customer had wayfair cancel an hour before assembly appointment

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BREAKING NEWS: "Report: Man wearing body armor, carrying tactical weapons arrested at Walmart in Springfield, MO"

How about that? A gun (and a fire alarm) helped save lives! "KY3's report said the man used an emergency exit but was spotted by an off-duty firefighter, who held the man at gunpoint until the police could arrive."



Well the end is near for my local Kmart. Closes in Oct. 2019

Dang taxes suck. Almost a g out of my check. Thanks Obama

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