Can someone get my iso of can you see all that juice

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@Lordimpala Gen4 Glock is not on the roster (if I am correctly informed). You can get them on the used market (private party transaction), but at a significant premium (almost double retail price).
I believe now it is almost impossible to get new semi auto guns on the roster, because there is now a requirement to have micro stamping (which is not technically possible). So no new guns have been added to the roster for several years. Maybe some revolvers, that's it.

To those folks who live in free states. The California handgun roster is a list of specific handgun gun models that can be sold in the state. The manufacturer has to pay 25k to get each model and style tested. It means that Californians still get a gen 4 glock, or many less popular glock models, and other non top selling models.

It’s nice to be able to buy a handgun that’s not on the California roster. This one looks interesting.

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Picked up this uv light off of amazon to help us find our pet accidents. Great value at 12 bucks. I know there was a producer that was having issues with cat pee. It also could help with @yukiame

My sons competed in their first wrestling meet. My older son sprained his ankle in his first match. And my 2nd son went 3-0 because the other schools couldn’t field a 65 pounder.

Don’t protestors at Trump events realize that they are helping Trump solidify the crowd.

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Man. These prices are expensive. 94 dollars after tax for .5 gram vape in IL.

Day 2 of legal weed in IL. Line is 1 1/2 hrs. No parking in the industrial park, but I landed the dream spot.

Our day at IKEA was a success. My assimilation is complete

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Wish me luck. I’m going into my personal hell. An IKEA store.

Opening day for legalization in Il has a two hour wait. I’m coming back later.

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