Catholics are not having children nor are they supporting churches/schools nor are they paying to send children they do have to catholic school. So what the schools are doing to make up the shortfall is taking non-Catholics and the State funds that are attached to them. Fine. But they ARE NOT EVEN TRYING to convert them and families into Catholics. The Catholic church USED to do this for millennia. The fruit: gang banger high school murderers. Well done Bishop Malesic!



The Catholic schools have gone full woke multicultural. They actively encourage non-Catholics to apply.

They don't teach Catholicism anymore. They don't believe in absolute truth nor that the Deposit of Faith is the only real truth.

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@LoopLinndrum a MURDERER!!! Are you freakin' kidding me?!?! They are totally off the rails.


well I didn't read the article nor do I particularly care about an isolated incident.

I'm just commenting on the absolute state of Catholic education.

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