I've been home for a couple of weeks and have been working on this track the whole time. Please listen and tell me what you think, I'd appreciate it

@PhoneBoy @Lennoxxreverb

First comment I made. Dave Gilmour ! A bit Animals in the guitar tone

I've been trying to sequence Hammond B3 using AZR3 noises for my next jingle. I was trying to get it finished for this show, but I'd rather get it right.

I've never sequenced stuff before, never really played keys, though I repaired them in the 80s. It's interesting using my theory, and seeing what works in practice

@ChrisWilson @PhoneBoy I was actually trying to get that throaty tone that Gilmour had on The Final Cut. One of my favorite Floyd albums, though most don't agree with that

@Lennoxxreverb certainly one of the most intense albums. All Pink Floyd albums are my favourite, like children. I try to spend equal to spend​ with each of them


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