There is NOTHING I love more in this world than studies that don't have a reference to author, title or institution behind it.
Can some body here in Gitmo-nation please fact check this. Thank you in advance!

Morning man!
Just listening to last night's show, the "Hui hui" thing Carolyn mentioned in the beginning is Maori for "a meeting or gathering".
The New Zealand prime minister was speaking to the NWO fuckers, she began & ended her speech in Maori and said it twice. Kinda funny & creepy.
Have a great day man! ✌

Oh snaps!! Watching "Kentucky Fried Movie" on prime rn, in the first 5 minutes they've already provided solutions to the country's oil problem. 😁
The 70's, so ahead of the times.

To all you wonderful people of Gitmo-nation, I just want to sent you all good karma & positive vibes today & every day!!

The show is called "ATM": "Ass To Mouth"?!?
Very, very progressive ABC is.

I hear by proclaim that from this moment forward, ALL NA meetups shall now be referred to as "huihui".
That is all.

I'm all for "grass" fed beef these days!

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When a meme hits close to home...

This is St. Charles Avenue in the uptown area of New Orleans (the "good" high-end neighborhood).
That is a St. Charles line street car in the background, NOPD at the 3500 block. I used to live 6 blocks down from there, lol!

New Orleans, a beautiful city, but rough as hell. A city of two faces - a day face & a night face. As years go on, the faces become one.
(Thanks to a Democrat mayors)

Hello Gitmo-nation from Dry Prong.

Where are you from?

(answer in comments please)

Going through old memes in a folder on the phone, came across this one.
Hope the are running again in 2024.
They'll get my vote for sure!

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Hmmmm... Thought:
Fertilizer plants have been "closing down" globally and/or sanctions preventing purchasing from countries producing fertilizer. (This has been established information)

Then, on the Thursday, Sept. 22, episode of NA, we hear @adam & @Johncdvorak talk about California passing legislation allowing the "composting of humans".

My brain put these two puzzle pieces together. See where this could go in a few years on a massive scale.

Just thinking over here.

@Boo_BuryMothman @lavish
And a HUGE thank you to @makeheroism as well too for opening up this shop for the kool schwag!

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@Boo_BuryMothman @lavish

"Hey Miss, nice shades. First time here to watch the mushroom clouds?"

(sticker arrived today, yay! juz waiting for the shirts now)

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