This delightfully tiny crudite was an excellent snack after a long day of being a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. 😆

Any time our Ministry of Culture (Disney) has PR problems, it makes my day a little bit better.

1) What copywriter on the planet thought the line "Minnie is dripping with excitement as she celebrates the centenary of The Walt Disney Company" DIDN'T sound dirty?

2) Who the hell pays $175 for a pair of mouse ears?

Adobe Acrobat wants more money for the ability to rotate a freaking PDF?

Or they just want more money from people who can't figure out that the keyboard shortcuts work. I only get the popup when I click the little rotate button. ↪️

Experimenting with different sauerkraut flavors. Ferment faster, dammit!

Is Family Guy based on Rhode Island, or is Rhode Island based on Family Guy?

I may be down a pool, but at least I'm up some shotgun upgrades.

Gonna get the Magpul stock at some point too, but couldn't get it in time for my impending trip up north, so meh, this will do for now.

Ahoy, tomateys! Look what I grew. 🍅

As a newbie gardener I feel like a little kid showing everyone my poorly drawn dinosaur from art class, but I'm hoping to really step it up next year after learning so much from my first real year of gardening.

Random Friday project: fluffernutter banana bread!

I take back all the times I've insulted my own baking skills.

I've caught and conquered Lyme disease twice in my life (not recommended). A few years ago I probably might've been on board with a Lyme vax.

Now? Pfuck that.

Never heard of her before now, and now all I know about her is that she's a stupid spoiled twat.

‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney: I barely earn enough to survive

"...Surely, the mortgage on her $3 million Los Angeles mansion is a great monthly expense, but hopefully the golf course view from the front porch eases the pain..."

Excerpt of a post from a brewery north of Boston. What I'm wondering is how the hell did they get their carbon dioxide supply "cut off"?

And if there is an actual shortage, are any of us seeing this happen to other areas of the beer industry?

Before I was banished from the office (guess why), we had a great cafeteria, but I always hated myself a bit for waiting in line 20 minutes for such expensive food.

Today I spent that 20 minutes picking some ingredients in my backyard, poaching my own damn eggs, and assembling one hell of a sexy summer salad. That feels like progress to me.

This was a lot of words for WaPo just to say "we're still desperately trying to push the testing, social distancing, and asymptomatic spread narrative."

A nice late afternoon wineberry harvest - the best part is that they grow wild in the backyard and require zero effort to cultivate. 🌱

Now it's time to soak these bright little rubies in whiskey and make a cordial.

This week's fun work project: explaining to marketers why I refuse to write baseless scientific claims to include in our advertising.

"But...but...can't you just say something like 'studies show...'?"

No, no I can't. We have no "studies". That is lying.

Maybe this is the key difference between most copywriters and journalists. My job depends on honesty and accuracy.

Is the UK actually using movie theaters to protect its most melanin-deprived citizens from the heat? 😅

"Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Rupert Grint, and all other redheads are welcome for a free screening while the UK endures blazing temperatures of up to 40°C (104°F)."

Today I learned men's beauty pageants are a thing.

Apparently they took cues from The Boys' Homelander for the American contestant's costume. 😆

Interesting to hear from my brother's girlfriend that Connecticut schools have dropped vax mandates for the coming school year.

How kind of them to not force a perfectly healthy 19 year old to get a fourth (!) dose. Surely their motivations are the students' well being and not the threat of losing tuition dollars.

When the husband goes away for D&D nights, the wife stays home and tries cooking new things!

Rare (ok, mostly raw) yellowfin tuna steak barely seared in cast iron with an Asian-style sauce, roasted asparagus, and tomatoes soaked with red onions in a peach flavored white balsamic vinegar.

My younger brother's girlfriend likes to keep me updated on my old high school history teacher's descent into woke madness.

Today she helped me realize that Trump Derangement Syndrome may have outlived covid. 😆

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