Found a Keeper at a local beer festival today!

And despite the impression your recent trip to the northeast may have had, not a single mask in sight. 🍻

Trying my hand at homemade sauerkraut. My first time fermenting anything on purpose - we’ll see how this goes!

Hey, old coworker from 10 years ago! Clearly you don’t need my money for your pyramid scheme if you’re touring the UK. ♥️

Has anyone actually made money spamming random people they know to get them to buy useless shit?

New England beer+ tasting meetup results!

Out of 10 beers/other adult beverages we tasted and rated together, here are the best and worst rated according to our taste buds.

It’s only fitting that the mead was the winner.

Thank you to @Framming, @notjake, @paulyasi, @Kaiserhase, and everyone else for another excellent meetup!

Setting up our beer tasting station for today’s meetup. 😆

South Park’s Canada on Strike episode (2008) is an interesting re-watch 14 years later. 🤔

I’m not your buddy, guy!

This bitch can cook!

Cast iron scallops seared with maple syrup & bacon fat with roasted asparagus & red peppers plus a small salad.

I’m loving these labels for the little beer tasting glasses we’ll be sipping from at next week’s meetup!

No matter how much room there is on our king size bed, they will choose to sleep on my clothes every time.

Happy belated @karys! Can’t wait to celebrate next week!

Successful pierogi making day with the family!

Seven hours later, I don’t want to look at them again til we cook them up for Easter. 😴

My husband accidentally started playing the show in the bedroom while I was snoozing, which helped explain why JCD suddenly appeared in my dream talking about steak.

Good thing about west coast coworkers with -3h time difference: no early meetings

Bad thing about west coast coworkers: they call and message after hours thinking you’re just going to keep working on their time

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