I’d love to hear a @Johncdvorak review of these funky little seltzers from our local brewer’s guild.

I am the reason we can’t have nice things.

(Somehow managed to almost snap the faucet off the sink today.)

I haven’t seen this friend since The Before Times. It’s sad we even need to have this conversation, but refreshing to know how likeminded we still are.

One little bright side of the pandemic: the legalization of to-go cocktails in my state.

How I wished a certain special someone a very happy 33rd birthday.

🎼 It’s the magic number 🎶

Another theory on the door-to-door efforts that just hit me:

You know what company is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI? CVS Pharmacy.

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A Rhode Islander’s perspective re: the “governor’s” door-to-door efforts:

McKee was Lieutenant Governor before Gov. Gina Raimondo scooted off to Biden’s cabinet a few months ago. Smells like nothing but a power play/attempt to look like he’s actually doing something for the state.

My kind of multitasking:

Breakfast potatoes for our weekly No Agenda Sunday brunch and beef jerky prep for the husband’s big 33rd birthday later this week. 👩‍🍳

That rain stick must be pretty damn powerful!

Also, did Disney approve the use of their IP in marketing this storm?

For the first time in my life, it’s not hyperbole when I say “you couldn’t pay me a million dollars...”

Drinking with military veterans is the best way I can think of to spend this holiday! 🎇

My boss proposed an interesting theory to me today on the “wage gap”.

In her experience hiring many people over the years, she observed that women tend to accept a pay offer without any negotiation, while men are more likely to haggle for more money.

She noted that the “haggle or not to haggle” has a domino effect as raises come into play, causing the gap to increase.

I’d like to do some more research on this, but in the meantime, I love working for someone who uses her damn brain.

Being almost 13 years older than my brother, I get quite overprotective when anyone tries to fuck with him.

His second year of college starts this fall and he just found out his school is requiring him to get the vax.

He doesn’t want to give in, but is also very unsure of the best route to take.

The idea that anyone is trying to force my brother to risk his health and be an unwilling guinea pig enrages me as much as if he were my own child.

Thank you for hearing my rant. 🌪

I got frogs, they’re multiplyin’...

Right on my damn pool cover. Now I have a tadpole farm.

This is what happens when we open the pool late in the season. 🐸

Hearing @33Savage get scolded by John & Adam followed by @OccultFan making end-of-show iso was a happy point of my day.

Nothing beats the face-melting New England summer humidity like a freshly canned beer straight from the brewery.

(@Framming I think we’ll finally be able to plan one of our meetups there!)

Just a dame’s Father’s Day tribute.

My dad became a father too young and died too young, but he taught me some pretty important things:

1. I’m no better than any other person, and they’re no better than I am.
2. Rules aren’t always meant to be followed.
3. I wasn’t allowed to change the radio station when a Rolling Stones song is playing.

Keep rockin’ on, dads. ❤️

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