Normally I won’t share YouTube links, but this one is too funny. More Joe nonsense.

Tip for the well informed: I use Orb Audio speakers for my PCs. Crystal clear audio makes Zoom calls bearable. Best part: made in USA. LA of all places. I called in to ask a could questions about the setup and the co-owner was answering the phones during the mass LA house arrest campaign. Great product. The sub is made in China, which is impossible to avoid according to the owner. China is asshole.

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I’m very surprised that I’m just learning of this article V convention of the states movement. This came up in a bond fund PM presentation today. He essentially concluded that this is America’s only hope at maintaining long-term economic supremacy. Otherwise the dollar is F’d. Seems far along and @adam hasn’t informed us! Some New York banker friend he has.

Anyone else notice that all US state IDs are casually moving to a federal database. Based on the upgraded camera equipment and standardized photos, this is most likely to improve federal facial recognition protocols.

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Quick thought about VAERS, the 6,000 reported deaths do not include the following:
1. People whom have died without survivors to report
2. People whom have died without an estate. VAERS requires medical records which cannot be released w/o a court appointed administrator of estate.
3. People whom have died, leaving behind ignorant or otherwise ambivalent survivors.

Having settled many estates myself, I gauge the number is off by at least a factor of 10.

Rented a car this weekend. I was told it would be $2.99 a gallon if I didn’t bring it back with a full tank. For the first time ever, that’s actually a good deal.

At the DMV renewing my license. The only thing that’s more amazing than how well they hid this place from minorities is how long I’ve had to wait. So far, three hours and counting! I can’t wait to see more bureaucracy from our supreme leaders in govt! Like a good little millennial, I love lines. Allows me time to post threatening tweets aimed at non conformists. Here’s a snapshot of my clerk:

Looks like Trump is on the anti-Bitcoin train. The bear case is getting stronger. I don’t buy the whole “scam” argument. Suggesting its value is created out of thin air is a sign of ignorance. Quite a bit of human capital is contained within the mechanism.

David Sinclair’s work on increasing human longevity seems to be moving along quite nicely. This seem relevant these days. We should keep an eye on fertility rates over the next few years. Didn’t China ban US vaccines and announce an increase on their child rule from 2 to 3?

I need a conspiracy therapist.

Modern information report from my single brother

Catfishing: the act of posting a highly edited photo of yourself on Tinder to attract and ensnare the other party.

Solution: all Tinder users are now obligated to have a Snapchat account to send each other real time photos. Most certainly is what led to the “pizza orders” Moe Factz was talking about.

This is both a brilliant and accidental marketing operation for Snapchat and a sad commentary on our culture.

Dvorak’s stock tip this week: Selecta Biosciences INC (SELB). My Childrens’ college education is now riding on John’s clairvoyance. Thanks @Johncdvorak !

Do we know any Wall Street Bets influencers that can pump this thing? It would be superb if we could also get them to do the McConaughey chest thump from Wolf of Wall Street on TikTok.

People who wear suits: media heads, attorneys, politicians, arrogant financial advisors, top heavy executives, funeral attendees.

I have stored my suits where I put my face masks. Unfortunately, people die so I can’t toss them.

I’ve been to Kings Island many times throughout my life and have even held season passes for my family several years. Never have I seen something like what happened on May 23rd. I’m guessing the anti police movement and post modernist ideology are having an effect.

Disney's true value statement is printed directly on their trash cans. Funny enough, I looked inside and found all the George Lucas inspired Star Wars sequels!

Do you know what ITM means and are the victim of an involuntary vaccination? Call Vance!

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