Thanks Google, this is the article I needed about the world today.

Pretty sure these folks don't know female anatomy...

Any of you old dudes named Ben ever play VGA Planets back in the BBS days?

Yeah that's how im doing it, but I was hoping I could tell google Play Dumb on this text

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Youtube Question

I want to add a bible Book Chapter:Verse reference in youtube video descriptions like John 3:16. Youtube assumes that is a time code for 3m 16s and makes it a hyperlink. Is there a way to break that behavior? Can I escape that text in some way?

Is there an issue with Verizon clock sources? Two phones think its may 11 2001

It's a Christmas Miracle. Snow in The South

Stores gonna be sold out of milk and bread

Dang, only War Room podcasts left in the playlist


@adam "No women, just men"

In the OTG section

No lose of taste or smell yet. I did feel the guilt people talk about. For me, it was a question: "Did my cavalier attitude put someone at risk?"

I am glad to get it over with, I never planned to take the shot. I've seen I Am Legend...

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Rona Day 3

No fever, no body aches. Developed runny nose over night and my cough is less frequent but more productive.

Im Rona positive, with symptoms. Not sure if im proud or relieved. Not scared though. Worst case I'll live blog my demise here

@mrmcmayhem Here's the thing thing, this looks like just absolute gross incompetence more than anything. This shit was more wide open than a pornstar's anus

Why are we pointing at Russia? Everything I see points to a WaPo article with no 'proof' any Dudes seen anything? Looks like a good case of 'Without Evidence' to me

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