Be thankful for where we are at.

😃 the whole time.
“Have a great day” to all.
👋 at all the people & 🚘.

This is a place, just down the road. I took the shot with an iPhone. But, what I’m going to do is put some B&W film in an old Brownie I have and take some shots of it.

For the record, I really do not like the random explosions in my otherwise peaceful farming community.

I know the explosions mean something else to others, and I'm not about to tell them to "fuck off."

And now I recognize how much I sound like Forrest Gump at times. And such.

"I just kept running..."

Little reminder.
"Bill Gates: The Best Investment I've Ever Made. [DELETED DOCUMENTARY]
Bill Gates - Deleted documentary. Why he switched from Microsoft to vaccines"

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