Why is it bad? It's bad because it goes against human nature, humans pursue freedom. Is freedom of movement more important than the right to live?

Inflation is bad because it makes feeding your family hard. How is this more important than abortion clinics killing your family?

What about it? People have been demanding the US to pull out of that immoral war, when they do it you complain? Are you against peace? "Oh, but the guns, corruption..." Is that more important than the thousands of people that died during the war?


>immigration crisis
This is bad because it targets your family's safety. Again, how is this more important than people killing your family in the womb? How can you claim that you care about your family when you allow someone to kill your children and grandchildren in the womb? That would be hypocrisy.

>supply chain
See "inflation".

Not as important as life itself.

To me EVERYTHING is a distraction from the fact that abortionism is sponsored by the State.

You assume much! I'm not even going to elaborate or offer retort.

@Koppa The Quartering is just a soyboy posing as conservative for clicks.
When gas is still crazy high, we are having ongoing food shortages at the grocery store, and Biden's incompetence is still running wild I think it will be about more than RvW.

@bigern314 Let's hope that people remain sharp and aren't this easily distracted

@Koppa not to 99% of people who pay $50 two times a week to fill a tank with gas to get to work. Their complaints can’t last til November. They can but it will be meaningless

@Koppa I’ve been saying it for days. It was a fake leak to get everyone to look away while the magicians work
@Koppa imo... they did it to distract people from Ukraine getting rekt.

@Koppa just wait until the big false-flag and gun-control push when RvW runs out of steam way too early.

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