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Once you take away all the 24/7 media propaganda, the inflation of hospital numbers, the fraud that is PCR testing and the fact that the flu magically disappeared; you're left with a hoax with exceptional marketing!

The little details overlooked every day!

How has this not been blown up more? @adam
Pfizer donated $1 mil to Trump... no wonder the orange man is silent on deadly "vaccines".

I've never liked Star Trek, ever! I think I know why...

The third year of this psyop and I remain unvaxxed and untested!


When the nukes drop, the cockroaches will be the only food left...

People that claim they are 'offended' on the behalf of other people, are the very worst kind of stupid!

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Jordan Peterson - Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe

(I'm wondering if he's not actually the Antichrist ... )

The current state of the Insanity; I've got three permanently suspended twitter accounts, all three killed for stating 100% factual data!

Twitter is where the truth goes to die.

Delete your twitter

'his' mental health issues. 'his' past behaviour. Unless there is two Ezra Millers?
This mental gymnastics of insanity has to stop!
Fuck your 'pronouns'!!!

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The West uses all available means to interfere into other countries’ domestic affairs, stage provocations, inspire civil wars, force independent counties into submission – Putin

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US wants Ukrainian conflict to last as long as possible – Putin

At this stage, I'm leaning towards this mentality. If after two years you're still getting "boosters" and/or wearing a mask, supporting Ukraine and cheering on a decrepit tool in the white house; you deserve what's coming! Thinning out the herd and ridding the world of stupidity!

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And the filthy kids propaganda has commenced!

You'll own nothing and eat bugs.

Not even 40 mil can cover up this amount of corruption!

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