Pope has accepted the resignation of conservative African cardinal Robert Sarah who warned Islam would 'invade the world' after clashing with the Vatican.

@mrmcmayhem You can't convince me that he's not some commie fag at this point lol

@Konfusha eu biz and r& d sold to china with mackarels decision without asking members. Now catholics signed off to our paedophile celebrating brothers. Muricas debt in hands of china. What good news have YOU got?

@PawelK The only good news article i've been able to post in the past month were of a local with a giant "impeach biden" flag draped across their car. And the video of the Gen Alpha kid going at his teacher for pushing false claim on the capitol riots in a classroom.

@Konfusha im depressive its true but news from canada uk eu and some from auzzie are not great either.

To cheer you up a bit auzzie msm is at war with fb. Opensource might have cure for socnets cancer. My buddy reopened restaurant. Polish business is at war with government. Sw it innovation departments parts of entrepreneurship look healthy.

Also read a lot of sattire. Mine aint great but i share some if you wanna.

Hope dies last.

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