White Liberals are fleeing California, Seattle, and New York and moving to Montana and Idaho. They create the problem and then flee when it gets too bad. Then they push for the same suicidal policies, turning their new home into the ‘diverse’ shithole they fled.

@average_random_joe @Konfusha YES! This is exactly why I started selling my stickers. I don't want my state to become the next victim of California expats. However people seem to think I'm a crackpot for thinking this way.

Buy a sticker, put it where it will be seen, preferably to make a Californian mad. Make people aware of the next plague spreading our country.

@average_random_joe @Konfusha You must be like an endangered species, the non-woke CA refugee 😀

@saltymedic @average_random_joe @Konfusha

doesn't quite make sense

they are moving out of californina because they don't like what is happening there

so what is the point of attacking people trying to get away from it?

@EMPEROR @average_random_joe @Konfusha Some people call it profiling. I call it statistics. I live in Utah. When I meet someone from out of Utah, it is followed with the disclaimer of "I'm not LDS (mormon)".

Chances are if someone is coming from CA, they are a left wing nut because that is most Californians. I don't want them ruining my state they way they ruined theirs.

@saltymedic @average_random_joe @Konfusha

leftwing nuts would probably want to stay in CA because they like the way it is

they would not want to go to more conservative state

so the people who do flee CA would want something different that CA
@EMPEROR @saltymedic @Konfusha @average_random_joe yes but aren't a lot of poeple retarded? what if they lack the ability to understand that the things they voted for or supported led to it becoming shit there?

@Konfusha certainly its similar shit to importing islamists.

@Konfusha white conservatives are too. My bro bailed out of seattle.

@Konfusha that "baby due and living in 400 sqft" triggered me. I have 2 kids and live in 336 sq ft and we enjoy it.

@Konfusha no but you're the second one to ask me for TN. What is a well recognized symbol for TN?

@saltymedic Most recognized would be Dolly Parton but that might be sacrilegious. I've seen people get punched in the face for saying a bad word about her.

@saltymedic I live in far far East Tennessee, almost North Carolina so im not partial to anything west of knoxville. Maybe a guitar, i'm pretty sure we're the home of country music. And we have the Bristol motor speedway, i guess our glories are kind of outdated.

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