Theory: we forgot how to produce truthful aesthetic

"They fear the inevitable collapse of what they call “our American democracy” at the hands of the “Christo-fascists” and “far-right” wackos. The Romans, too, accused the Christians of famine, military defeats, orgies, atheism, and for the fall of their political power. But Augustine of old wrote in his City of God that it was the Romans’ own cosmic wickedness that caused their empire to collapse."

Torba nailed it

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Man, I want Gab to succeed so bad but I think they have an unsolvable boomerism problem

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Yeah, OK, you've been proved right over and over and over with time... but *this* time, you're just a conspiracy theorist.

- Everybody I converse with

They are doing a soviet political judgement to torture Alex Jones. Pray for this brave man.

China: - fuck this bitch we will obliterate her airpla

USA: - time to kill some tyrants

Desert tramps: - Chinese tyrants?

POV you are some Osama old neighbor and USA just got chased away by China

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Guy got killed to help downplaying how China just treated this retard as a retard

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Guys just ignore that the US military is severely lacking recruits and kicking out thousands for refusing to get the vaxx
Also ignore they don't have good ways to even get recruits besides retarded tik tok propaganda videos that aren't working
Also recession is revving up and Europe will freeze this winter

Lets go to war with China!

So now we have a progressive festival for each month. Women's month, gay month, violence against women month... Hellish

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@Kobold @LouisConde Unironically believe Therapists are one of the great evils of the world. People managed for thousands of years with horrific circumstances by physically doing things to deal with stress and talking with their friends and family. A psychopath with a degree in "the right way to think" will never do someone more good than self-improvement will.
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Conspiracy theories I don't fully believe but would be unsurprised if they were confirmed: incel/mgtow talking points were seeded by certain groups with a vested interested in keeping men lonely & miserable because they make for excellent, expendable foot soldiers. Not saying everyone spreading or assenting to their analysis is in on it, or even that large parts of the analysis are untrue, but the conclusion you shouldn't bother trying can only have been spread by malicious parties

> be me
> elected president
> Monkeypox time
> Will speak to the nation
> Guys I learned a lesson after the COVID shit
> So, I'll not let it happen again
> Full lockdown of gay pubs and gay related places
> Let's also do full contact trace
> 1 year to flatten the curve

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