What's the best site to listen to NA show clips? I loved noagendaplayer.com, but it stopped updating since December.

This riot is going on so long, it’s like they’ve made it a job they can actually hold down.

They predicted locust swarms.
This wasn’t how I expected it.

I’m curious, where’s all the white women to call out toxic masculinity over the riots?

Is it safe to say Minneapolis is officially reopened from the lockdown?

After all the fanfare of years and years of militarizing the police with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, federal SWAT training stuff, etc. since Obama. All that stuff was only good for terrorizing the public. Where are they with that stuff now?

The socialist liberal agenda of tearing down society is finally taking action. If they’re not looting, they wish they were.

This pandemic shutdown debate is nothing more than big government tribe vs. limited government tribe. People will never be happy.

With this Arbery shooting that looks a lot like a lynching, where is Black Lives Matter? Do those people just not care when there’s no money from Soros?

#ExposeCBS Michigan Health Center Workers Stage “Fake Patients” In COVID19 Testing Line For CBS News


No Agenda call for help: Could any dudes named Ben/Bernadette give advice on how to ensure their mail server doesn't deliver mail that ends up in recipients' spam folders? 📫

"The scam is in. Most people, in fact 99.9% of people do not understand. They're very worried. Amygdala's already swollen. They're only getting the approved bullcrap online…you're not getting the kind of information we're telling you." — @adam 1226

What are the chances that all the disenfranchised Bernie Bros are using their Coronabucks to pay down their student debt?

YouTube demonitizes/censors anything saying COVID-19 or related, presumably because they don’t want anyone profiting off the pandemic. Since when is sharing information meant to be a losing transaction? Won’t that ensure only bad information is available? Or perhaps only approved information 🤔.

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