This is what over-socialization of politics does. People who rarely ever mention politics will suddenly spout off NPC talking points and not ever realize they've been had.

I don’t know why I bother, but I engaged two Facebaggers who carried on about these recent tragedies being a “right winger” and specifically named “Republican” problem. Any attempt to understand why the false equivalency resulted in deflection to other Dimension B talking points.

Is Blonde's point that we should Balkanize such a bad idea? It's clear in the last few weeks how little Dimension B really cares for basic civic concepts like presumption of innocence and due process of law. What if they were simply left to their own devices in their own nation state while the rest of us can carry on as usual?

Flipping through Reddit front page, you'd think the US is 1 day away from civil war. Kavanaugh is guilty as a foregone conclusion, therefore Trump and Republicans are corrupt, staging a coup with FBI help, etc.

Follow up on ignoring Christine Ford's windfall.

""We are working directly with all campaign organizers and guarantee the funds raised will be transferred directly to the Ford family," Katherine Cichy, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe, told ABC News."

thinks Dr. Ford has "nothing to gain". Two Gofundme pages I found have collected >$700k for her support. The response...

@adam You referenced MTV's awful show that shall not be named talking about what sounds like "kafir". That's an Arabic word for heathen, like infadel. It's in the Koran to talk about conquering, taxing, and otherwise killing kafirs.

so its okay when a Government Agency(ies?) track and record your every move because YOU are a terrorist (maybe) but if Google does it (which, c'mon...its ALWAYS done this) HOLY FUCKTARDS kill the company they are BAD and EVIL and CONDEMNED!


Why do people who advocate for "No Nations, No Borders", who are genuinely upset at immigration policy, use arguments that clearly respect the border?

If migrants are coming from Central and Southern American countries and we don't want borders, why not argue that the US help those people where they are? Instead, they argue they should freely cross the _border_.

Random thought: If a pregnant Mexican woman is caught sneaking across the border to get an abortion, should we separate the children?

Has anybody wondered if all these school walkouts are inviting would-be shooters? They're all grouped together in high concentrations, nowhere to shelter in place, known when and where they'll be out, and sticks out like a challenge in spite of the next Nikolas Cruz.

If I may be irreverent for a moment... Now that a big day of school walkouts are done, has anything been measurably done about the issue at hand?

Oprah calls the kids for gun control "Freedom Riders". So, she's giving up her armed goons right? 🔫

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