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Sir Shawn Poulson ⚔️ ✅

If people wanted police/FBI to take their warnings about Nikolas Cruz seriously, they should have claimed he was selling pot, not threatening to shoot up a school. He'd be in handcuffs that day.

It's occurred to me that the religious Right is the motivating factor to the spread of radical Leftism. In a way, I sympathize. The religious openly discriminate with simply the justification of practicing their faith.
Whether right or wrong, the Left combats that with their own "faith". In either case, challenges to claims made are wholly unwelcome.

I get it, everyone has an opinion on gun violence. I've grown extremely tired of explaining how our laws work (or don't work) and that the liberal talking points lack forethought. It's like talking to a wall.

Everything you need to know about the Florida shooting.

TL;DR: The suspect has committed a number of crimes that should have landed him in jail, probation, and/or listed as a prohibited person who may not purchase a firearm. But, society and law enforcement let him off easy every time.

I got banned from a Reddit sub for daring to criticize a feminist making fallacious claims, basically telling a male rape victim he should've been with a feminist. AMA

Cry spaces for police officers. It's the newest trend of inclusion.

Police force brings in 'patronising and insulting' 'have a cry' space for menopausal female officers

WaPo says: When you think abortion, think population control to save the environment. Abort yourself to save the Earth!

Women’s rights issues are climate change issues

I've heard people claim Obama had grace and humility--which isn't what I saw. Well, be careful who you mock because you may end up regretting your arrogance.

CNN airing a pro-Trump testimony. Yet, there's some smarmy, underhanded condescension by the interviewer and narration.

Found this comment to be particularly relevant in "Trump's America".

Reddit and news outlets taking the news seriously, as expected.