webpage of the world's smallest web server

Built on an ESP8266-01S. A Tensilica L106 32-bit processor at 80 MHz, 32KiB RAM, 1MiB Flash.
Powered by any 3.3v battery pack
Uses WiFi 2.4Ghz to talk with the world.
The board can also support humidity & moisure sensors.
It power draw is 57..170mA max, 80mA average.

@Klaatu I would love to make a few of these and have them on me, see how many people log in and share shit around.

@Johnmccabe @Klaatu the board itself I would say is about the size of two regular postage stamps so that's not including the rest of the system like the power modulator and the battery itself but overall I would say it would be about as big as a sticky note.

Hell you could even modify it to be something that would fit inside of one of those round plastic mint boxes and keep all the labeling on it and nobody would be wise to what it really is.

@Johnmccabe @AzurusNova why not surf to it and see. He's got it into a snub USB drive fitting that he keeps in a server's USB for power.

@Klaatu @Johnmccabe that's a really cool fucking idea and I've got a 3D printer so I could make a custom housing to do such a thing.

@AzurusNova @Klaatu
That’s awesome!
I was going to say something about 3-D printing a case for it, but I thought that would be too presumptuous. I honestly don’t know anything about this kind of tech, in terms of making.

@Johnmccabe @Klaatu 3D printing certainly does has its ups and downs but if you're willing to learn and you find the right community it can be a very enjoyable and really rewarding hobby.

@AzurusNova @Klaatu
I’m too old for that hobby. My son is well versed in 3dp, and that’s why I thought of it.

Whoah. Noice. Heard of ones on 8051 but could be urban legend.

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