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Support your local rancher while you can. Its hard for them to find an open USDA butcher to get meats cut.

Find a Local Butcher

Eatwild's Directory of U.S., Canadian and International &

Find A Local Meat Market
Get farm foods at a local pickup point or fedex'd to your door.

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"THE ROMULAN WAR" (Part 1) - YouTube

new release, A documentary examining the first two years of the Earth-Romulan War. What Ent and Discovery didn't cover that everyone wanted to see from the pre-TOS back history.

The Greatest Star Trek Series You're Not Watching -- Full Episode 2! - YouTube

Space Command releases a 2nd episode to watch but start with episode one first if you haven't seen it.

Nine members of same family die after eating homemade noodles left in freezer - World News - Mirror Online

Pathetic, they blame Chinese corn based noodles for it but then you read: Bongkrek acid is a deadly toxin produced in fermented coconut. The traditional Indonesian dish tempe bongkrèk has been banned because it has been linked to so many deaths.

So it was really fermented coconut not corn?

Bacon wrapped Oreos.

Would you also batter and deep fry?

Sam Travolta dead: John Travolta's nephew dies just months after his wife Kelly Preston - Mirror Online

I turned to You Tube cooking shows to avoid hearing yet one more celebrity or spokeshole tell me to vote.
And Alton Brown let me down because his wife chimed in to encourage voting early and shared they voted during the livestream.
I just tuned in to mindlessly learn of air fryers.

Cultured Food in a Jar 100+ Recipes to Inspire and Change Your Life.epub 106MB



Ball Book of Canning and Preserving.epub 6MB



Mini Farming Guide To Self Sufficiency From Beer and Cheese To Wine and Vinegar (Mini Farming Guides).pdf 6MB



Cooking with Cannabis?

Marijuana Cooking Secrets Exposed 40 Marijuana Recipes to Cook.epub 4MB



Pickling Everything; Foolproof Recipes for Sour, Sweet, Spicy, Savory, Crunchy, Tangy Treats (Countryman Know How).epub 65MB



Figured some of you would appreciate this; A picture of white privilege from my hometown circa 1911.

Any person who drags their ass out of bed everyday to go to work, or has children that do so, and votes for Biden and his proposed tax plan is an imbecile. That plan is exhibit A in the Demoncrats Shit Show.

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