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Support your local rancher while you can. Its hard for them to find an open USDA butcher to get meats cut.

Find a Local Butcher

Eatwild's Directory of U.S., Canadian and International &

Find A Local Meat Market
Get farm foods at a local pickup point or fedex'd to your door.

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Seedman just said that the pallets of bricks being delivered nationally are all coming from an Acme Bricks which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Buffett) and Bill Gates. I believe yesterday I head something about they were shipped from an Ohio business location.

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$13 for a bracket you screw on a door (doubles as a shoe scraper) lol hilarious! Hello hardware store, got brackets?

Hands Free Touchless Foot Door Opener Step Handle Bracket Thick Steel Metal Home Sliver -

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WSJ - So Long, California? Goodbye, Texas? Taxpayers Decide Some States Aren’t Worth It

After new tax law made it costlier to own a house in many high-price areas, some residents are pulling up stakes

WSJ - Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?
Professional platform might fail as a social-media diversion, but experts argue that it’s still a career builder.

THERE ARE over 673 million users on LinkedIn, but “most people have an account because they’ve been told they should or need to have one—then they never use it or update it,” said Andrew Selepak, Ph.D., director of the graduate program in social media at University of Florida.

Are you StinkedIn? yes it has Stonks name

WSJ Video - A Hollywood Pro’s Tips for Sounding Good on Calls

WSJ’s Nicole Nguyen talks to Jon Bailey, a work-at-home professional voice actor behind characters like Transformers’ Optimus Prime, about getting clear, crisp audio from wherever your office is.

WSJ - The End of Retirement

The conventional wisdom—save enough to retire at age 65—won’t work for the generation starting their careers today, writes columnist John D. Stoll.

The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest

Horseshoe crabs blood is ancient and blue
Its harvested to use as a detector b/c its very sensitive to bacteria. That may change.

Bwah ha ha, a $10 brass tool so you don't touch doors or elevator buttons! I used to use the tip of my umbrella or a paper towel or as last resort, backside of a knuckle. oh COVID you want to change everything!

5PCS Non-Contact Portable Hygiene Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool Door Opener Elevator Handle Key Handheld No-Touch Door Elevator Button Press Keychain Tool -

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: 506790 HD 2.30i On-Ear

$90 on sale for $35
Sale Ends in 2 Days (Tue)
Save: $55.00 (61%)

Optimized for either Apple iOS (HD 2.30i) or Android devices (HD 2.30G) in white or black, folds up for carry, a soft pouch is included with delivery.

features detachable single-sided cable, which has a 3-button inline remote plus microphone.

Looks like Android G only in white left, iOS in white or black left. $40 Sennheisers? Yeah baby.

So they're optimizing SSDs for Storage Server use?
WD Red SA500 2.5" 500GB SATA III (SSD)

Storage optimized for caching in NAS systems to rapidly access most frequently used files.

Superior endurance handles heavy read/write loads

Purpose-built for NAS for max SATA performance

Reduced latency & improves response for OLTP databases, multi-users, photo rendering, video editing, etc.

Available in 2.5" and M.2 form factors
Capacities from 500GB up to 4TB (2.5" only)

Alex Jones talking today w/Austin gunshop owner & conceal carry trainer Cargill who's shop was attacked last night. Thieves shot up the door but failed to get in.

However, 3 other Austin TX gunshop were robbed.

3 DOZEN guns stolen & on Austin streets today. ATF is pissed & looking into it.

Keep your Judge at hand. @adam

Ok, SSD pricepoint has finally shifted I wouldn't bother getting a venerable 500GB Samsung 860 EVO for ~$80 when for ~$20 more you can get a 1TB from WD or Crucial (JC Jr's fav) or if ya can slot it, a WD or an Intel NVMe stick under $125. Even new WD Green SSDs (low power 4 laptops) same prices.

Free shipping from NewEgg too.

Top Solid State Drives | Computer Parts, Graphics Cards, Storage - Newegg

#Anonymous Looks like someone on twitter hacked police departmeent website andd got all the passwords!


@ReadyKilowatt Libertarian Lizard. Bottom line: "... and that's why I live out here."

@BloisFulcher all the unrest is contained to very isolated locations and windows of time. If things get spooky, discharge 2 rounds from your firearm in a safe direction and they will all fuck off rather quickly. Plenty of video evidence that this is incredibly effective, but really only necessary for those defending businesses.

For those of us that don't own a physical storefront, we just need to stay out of downtown hot spots for the next month or so.

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"The Dollar Is Out Of Stock Everywhere": Hong Kong Money Exchangers Turn Away Clients Amid Run On US Dollars
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