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Gmail search dates are in YYYY/MM/DD format.
Plus you can say things like...

newer_than:7d from:me - Emails sent last 7 days

after:2020/10/15 before:2020/10/20 from:uber - Emails from Uber received between October 15th and 20th.

newer_than:60d older_than:30d - All emails received 30..60 days ago.

You can also use Unix Epoc time (seconds since Jan 1, 1970 (UTC))

October 10 8:30 PM .. October 10 8:45 PM

after:1602774000 before:1602774900 to:me

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Here's a stupid trick.
To direct download a sheet (< 60MB) say w/CURL, you only get 1st tab.

Use preview mode to find each tab's url<FILE_ID>/preview

Tab 1 always ends in =0 but the others end in a unique 10 digit number

ex: .../preview#gid=947121082

to select that tab, add its gid querystring arg to an export url

To get a .csv of tab 2 if tab 2's =1797399507<FILE_ID>/export?format=csv&gid=1797399507

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@stewil102 Add this bookmarklet as a button on your browser's button bar. It will pop up a new window against

and pre-fill in the page title and url in the textbox. Add your comments, attachments, whatever and toot it.

NAS New Toot Bookmarklet

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Last Night I decided to fix VLC. I wrote a playlist Lua script for it to handle videos

Now you can drop a bitchute webpage url in VLC and watch the video, no browser required.
see bitchute.lua for details.

bitchute.lua for VLC

bitchute.lua 4kb

@adam @SierraKiloBravo @darrenoneill

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Support your local rancher while you can. Its hard for them to find an open USDA butcher to get meats cut.

Find a Local Butcher

Eatwild's Directory of U.S., Canadian and International &

Find A Local Meat Market
Get farm foods at a local pickup point or fedex'd to your door.

@adam @darrenoneill

I'm only on chapter 1c but this might possibly be the book that @Johncdvorak mentioned would be written in some years that exposes the purposeful fiasco that is the "covid19 pandemic". Just the information on the HCQ debacle alone is infuriating. There definitely needs to be some massive trial analogous to Nuremberg, and I think people are going to hang.

I’d like to believe the world banks know it’d be a lot easier to kill off the 1% rather than the other 99

Make sure to mess up alignment inner squares and corners. :3 Black and white sharpies only.

**Strong winds power electric fields in the upper atmosphere**

"Using observations from NASA's ICON mission, scientists presented the first direct measurements of Earth's long-theorized dynamo on the edge of space: a wind-driven electrical generator that spans the globe 60-plus miles above our heads. The dynamo churns in the ionosphere, the electrically charg…"

#science #news #bot

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