The latest hilarity from the Bee.

I totally lost it @3:05, seeing Eric, the Dame, 'smoking' a tampon (which, for the life of me, I've never understood why they aren't called tamp INs 🤷🏻‍♀️).

I hate Trevor Noah with a purple passion (and this, as an example of reinforcing bad behavior of people with his skin color, which perpetuates stereotypes of people with said skin color, is one reason why), but this is pretty funny. 😅

My inner man-child approves this epic rant about how The Woke have destroyed pop culture:

My teen daughter was asked by her doctor when was her last menstrual period. She said “it’s regular, no need for dates”. When I asked her why the reply, she told me that doctors can no longer be trusted and they should become accustomed to not knowing. Welcome to the new America.

"After assisted suicide was legalized in Canada, many severely ill patients have found themselves effectively forced into "voluntary" euthanasia by healthcare costs, or even hospitals just refusing to treat them." @Kelly_NAproducR

Trump Lowered Insulin Prices – Biden Just REVERSED IT!

Have you seen this one? Who's this guy harassing your gal Kareem Abdul Jabberer?

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