for the love of god, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate MBA's. Most worthless degrees in the world, think you know shit but you don't know anything. Good thing it usually only costs $25-$50k. Take 3 excel classes over the summer and you'll learn more, be more useful than the twats I have running around where I work.

Hahahaha, charleston open air public market open, but not really cuz of mayor being awesome, meanwhile every other fucking place is bumping with people...... If everyone isn't dead in the south in 2 weeks, myself included, shits a lie

Don't get me wrong, I hate all companies, but I'm not dumb enough to be socialist.

Financial workers union, good luck Wall Street without people putting out the books or knowing anything about cost, returns, etc, but nah, easier to make money off it and "work" in charities. I do go good bitch

So long as blacks say BLM or some bullshit they cool, otherwise get fucked like Drew Brees, I'm not racist

Not going to watch any sports or play fantasy when it's starts back up, fuck off you all you leagues.

Not enough politicians died during covid for my taste

i know that mofo @WowMachineRadio can relate, vacation is great, but I do miss the bidet

I love the south...hardly anyone with masks, Michigan is full of pussies in the least counties where HRC won

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