why have I seen cafe bustelo shit recently? whatever it is, good for Smucker's portfolio

Sales of Café Bustelo, Dunkin’ brands jump double-digits


PepsiCo adds chief medical officer

Because pharma shills are necessary in every big company on the planet. Waiting for the day vaxx a requirement for employment. I'd take the 'rona over sugar any day.


In a radio broadcast delivered the same year Brave New World was published, Huxley endorsed the book’s social system, saying “in a scientific civilization society must be organized on a caste basis.The rulers and their advisory experts will be a kind of Brahmins controlling, in virtue of a special and mysterious knowledge, vast hordes of the intellectual equivalent of Sudras and Untouchables.”...Brave New World might better be understood not as a warning but as an ironically-styled blueprint.

She's in jail for attempted homicide of cop, who's fine because he/she/it had a vest on. Surprised wasn't all over m5m, making sure she gets free.


Sexist, misogynistic, full of privilege assholes per usual at CNN

All the pics & queued up videos in the article show women, even though they talk about men having it too. Mark Dice graciously corrects injustice.

@cgarison covid-19 tests are fake and GAY. They disintegrate in his presence.
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