Conway MacKenzie...loved ciabs this past weekend ripping on Sackler family for oxy, never heard Conway's name once

@KingDings Comes from the weird ass Sphynx building

In 2019, work began towards renovating the building...Walls will be torn down and individual offices removed in favour of a new activity-based working model. The project is estimated to cost $700 million and is scheduled to be completed in 2028 😂 🤮

I remember when it was called Foreign Affairs. Then the pinkeauxs changed it to external. 700 mil and we cant have a pm's house that aint shit. Walls will be back by 2032 💩

This fukken town man!

The front of my new biz cards have black chick (person of color, lighter skin, mixed black gal) on them asking fun rhetorical question...Co name, my contact info on back. Black people as faux logos are the new thing...aunt Jemima still bad

I agree that CNN is racist, but they hire lesbians like Chris Hayes at least

'climate change' *Lisa needs braces* "climate change' *Lisa needs braces' (wait a minute, if I don't support the religion of anthroprogenic global warming, I'll have to pay for Lisa's braces) "save the polar bears! Help I'm drowning! OMG IT'S 1.5 DEGREES WARMER! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! '

Hollywood and their open secrets.

What else do people know that they are sitting on?

The Pastor at the Gracelife Church in Edmonton has been released from his illegal imprisonment. Many supporters are showing up and gathering around the church, some staying around the clock.

All peaceful resistance!

The Canadian Government is illegally seizing private property. They will fail for their illegal activities. They are attempting to block roads to prevent protestors from making their way to the church.

Peaceful Civil Resistance is the way to win.

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@[email protected] Canada has a dark side. They are beginning to treat Canadians like they did the First Nation, the Native Americans in Canada!

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