I've found something that I agree with Kamala Harris on. Today seems to be an agreeable day.

@xue as long a my heart beats theres humanity here.

As long as we breath we are not dead.

ITM counters!

Your 's customary midmornin' nap has elapsed.

You ever lucid dream?
Long, arduous, beautiful sights and sounds so achingly painful in their reality and yet so fleetingly distant?
Did you ever feel the angst of every brother who's ever been pitted to the death against a sibling?
Our hearts are sinking in quicksand
In a quagmire of deception and only a very few of us will be lifted up into the light to bathe in the glory to Love Honour and Obey

The wants our blood...

Gotta remember media is total horseshit and most pro vaxx ppl aren't really terrified of non vaxxed. Coca cola is a greater threat to health than non vaxxed but ciabs isn't going to say that. At least I tell myself this, today anyway.

A group of doctors, America’s Frontline Doctors, filed a motion on July 19 to stop Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the experimental COVID-19 gene therapy injections. Among other things they point out that EUA can only be legally granted to treatments that actually treat or prevent disease. But that the number of breakthrough cases show that the mRNA vaccines don't meet this criteria. uncoverdc.com/2021/07/26/infor

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