@KingCombaticus fave saying from “The Princess Bride”: “You should be careful. People in masks should not be trusted.”

@KingCombaticus I COMPLETELTY understand that and yet I would not be able to just leave them. With current world events and the threat of a severe winter on the horizon. I could not imagine not having the physical copies to carry me through. I even read to my animals, even the Bible. I sincerely can not imagine time without them.

@Syberia ITM! Also a believer and book collector. Although, not too focused on 1st editions, etc. like I used to be.

If Obama and Jarrett are the puppet masters of Biden, then we are going to get swift action on Fauci and he may be out of the NIH in the next 10 days. This would allow for the "Swine Flu" protocols to be put in place on dealing with the pandemic and could allow for Dementia Joe to back away from the vaccine mandate before it becomes a mountain that is impossible for him to take with our 1st amendment rights.

Vacation is over and time to get back to work.

On Bidet's bizarre CNN Town Hall last night he repeated for the umpteenth time his "America was based on an IDEEEAAA" pitch. But this time he added "America is the only government in history to be based on an IDEEEAAA".

I'm sorry, but I think every government was based on an idea. Monarchy, Republic, Socialism, Communism, etc., they're all ideas, right?

Democracy is two foxes and a hen deciding what’s for dinner.

Okay, time to make the donuts. Catch you kids in a while.

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