@adam @Johncdvorak the American Red Cross is absolutely true, I had COVID and they call and harass me for platelets and blood donations. First question, have you been vaccinated? I’m on their list for having antibodies and being un-vaxxed. They are constantly offering me gift cards to donate.

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I finally blocked a blood bank's number for this sort of nagging

@adam @Johncdvorak
@Kennyben @adam @Johncdvorak

This is because they need to study *real* antibodies for fighting the infection. There are still 100s of other types of vaccines (many traditional) that can't get trials because they are rushing to destroy the control group with mass vaccinations all targeting the spike protein. There are subunit vaccines and other types not designed to make you create spike proteins. These other vaccine and anti-viral companies are getting shafted. And I suspect there are 100s if not 1000s of researchers getting a slight sting of conscience that they (and the public) are being fucked over by the CDC/FDA and the minions of fascism. We'll see.

@polarisera @Johncdvorak @Kennyben @adam the Red Cross make $$$$ of the blood products - they are always desperate for it

@polarisera @Kennyben I would appreciate any links where I could read about this.

@IceCubeSoup @Kennyben

Type in "subunit vaccines" it should bring up a bunch. There was a semi-well known vaccine maker using subunits that just got denied trials. We don't have to use the spike protein to make antibodies, the immune system can attack other sites on the virus. Most of th e subunit vaccine researchers always cite the many known risks involving the mRNA studies and other failed SARS vaccines. There were many animal vaccines made traditionally.

WHO itself even explains it. "52 candidate vaccines"
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