They were looking for the email server in the closet, right?

Just expressing his disdain for the cone. We have two more days (minimum) to go. He's started to use the cone as a weapon.

Just went to harvest more dill and found it infested with these. What should I do?

@CarBlanez33 and I host Hog Story. Today we did the Five Minute Limit live after the No Agenda show with specialist @AbleKirby
That episode, Finally Horngasming, is available now, in case you missed the live show

Don't insult the whales

A good teacher will educate you. A great teacher will joyfully inspire you to grow.

"Work is love made visible"

Vaccident 2.0? I feel like vaccident was a show title already?

@NetNed woo hoo! Nicely done 🥳🥳🥳
Loved the background on it.

Listening to NA live, if you were born before 1973 good news, you are vaccinated against the monkey pox 🤣

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