Apology of the day, somehow I knew they would. I actually chuckled when I received the first email, I thought someone’s not paying attention.
Rip Meatloaf

@CSB thought of you with unlucky numbers,
Temp is currently 13 degrees with a negative 3 windchill.
No outside walks today for the pups. Just quick potty breaks. I’ll be freezing my butt off in the garage on the treadmill. 🥶

@Kennyben @thedrizl @adam

The truth finally comes out!! Thank you for this hard-hitting journalistic moment @Johncdvorak! 😎

This is what New York is concentrating on!?
Not criminals, rioters, looters, rapists, or killers.
Instead, an unvaccinated child at a museum.


Just booked a trip to Vegas in May, fingers crossed that the stupid mask mandate when flying will be gone by then.
I’m giving it 50/50 odds 😂😂
I’m an optimist!

It’s one of those nights that you spend hours going down the internet rabbit hole….then you
Stumble upon a gem like this 🤣🤣 the little leg kicks, the mustache 😆

Anyone have data on how many lives were saved by grocery stores taping down arrows in the aisles?

finally getting to listen to today's show since I was in meetings all day and missed most of the live stream...
and I'm SHOCKED!!!! poor @darrenoneill - @adam is such asshoe for not letting you do everything.
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

now that's production value!

Woooohoooo 🥳

TYFYC @noagendashop

(The art is one of my favorites that was NEVER used by the show)

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