@adam Noodle Boy came for this:

Occupy Wisconsin Noodle BOY.mp4 - YouTube

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@Kelly_NAproducR So tired of "Men" talking like this... It has gotten beyond exhausting.

@Kelly_NAproducR @adam
Last week NPR ran this story about a small coffee shop in Milwaukee. The owner is clueless that his woke college employees see him being the boss as "oppressive" and have decided to unionize.

Noodle boy will likely be the first employee...comrade of the month.

@Kelly_NAproducR @adam I wonder if noodle boy knows that he is noodle boy. Also, at 11 years older, I'd hope he's less woke now.

@adam @Kelly_NAproducR @33over10 he’s 100% still wearing his Che Rivera shirt. Nice find, Kelly!

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