What's Going on at This Remote U.S. Military Base? | What on Earth? - YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=-2bzFq2h7N

California law forcing Trump to release tax returns to qualify for ballot blocked by judge - CNNPolitics cnn.com/2019/09/19/politics/ca

Why’s Trump A Theatrical Genius: The Wall, The Effort, The Progress, The Genius, The Reelection bitchute.com/embed/ox11QDPRLIc

Walking Through Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles *SKETCHY???* - YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=_pNiyG--XP

Walking through Skid Row and talking to some of the unfortunate people that have to live here. Interacting With The People Of Skid Row Walking Through Skid Row LA SKETCHY?

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If you wonder why Sheila Jackson Lee is making the most noise, most the time.
She wears the Pedophiles BOY LOVER RING.

> Are We Headed For A BIG Economic Crash?
Kim Iversen isn't sure, but "it's weird". The Fed is acting weird like it did in 2008 when the shit started to hit the fan. 11 minutes.

These hearings are another reason not to vote Democrat.

Lewandowski Clashes With Lawmakers During Tense Hearing | Time time.com/5679033/trump-impeach

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