Most likely a stall tactic to keep homeless on the street longer and hold on to the cash.

LAHSA Director to Step Down at End of Month

Airman convicted in child sex case dies in jail in San Antonio -

@adam So it is possible Epstein was murdered in jail. My sisterand I believe he was transported to another country.

Gab Alienates Its Own Users in a Botched Marketing Strategy (Bitchute Exclusive)

Feds Scramble after Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend Lists FBI as Place of Employment on Loan Application; 'She Might have Been an Asset' – True Pundit

AG Barr Rejects Own Watchdog's Findings Backing Opening Of Russia Probe | MSNBC - YouTube

These two articles of impeachment will cost the Dems to 2020 Election that to nasty old Pelosi.

Why abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are ideal articles of impeachment for Donald Trump.

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