I received this message in an email from Mastodon.Social today;
"Transphobia - Hello. We received reports about your actions on Mastodon.social. Some of your posts are transphobic. As this is forbidden by the Code of Conduct, and we strive to provide a network where people can feel safe being who they are, you're banned.

See you in hell."

This is the story I posted.


Haven't touched this in 30 years. Finally snagged a new copy.

Thanks for the reminder, @Johncdvorak

I have two questions. Progressive Democrat vs a Justice Democrat, What are the differences?
What are the similarities?

ITM mofos!!!

This is somewhat odd:

Pence summoned back to the White House after heading to New Hampshire to address opioid crisis et alia. Now his plans are canceled for the rest of the day, initially reported to be due to an ‘emergency’ but that has now been downgraded to a ‘diversion.’


it has been observed a few times that litepub collides with an indieweb application also called litepub.

so, we are thinking about renaming the WG.

someone suggested that we call it SocialPub. is that good or not?
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