@Kelly_NAproducR check out the tools at EFF to see how easy your browser is to fingerprint

@Kelly_NAproducR Netflow is cool and all but pretty weak,

IP source address
IP destination address
Source port
Destination port
Layer 3 protocol type
Class of Service
Router or switch interface

@Kelly_NAproducR On the + side, electric dual-splits are just tits. So much better. They are wonderful!

On the - side, they are like $25k. I have one of each... but PG&E is really stupid regarding natgas.

I would recommend NOT having PG&E gas lines on your property at all in any way shape or form no way no way no way. Maybe convert to propane now if you like gas and get rid of the PG&E easement.

So there y'a go.

@Kelly_NAproducR cheating has always occurred. What's changed is the scale of it.

@Kelly_NAproducR A horse this sick is typically put down as an act of mercy.

Have we no mercy?

Trump-Hating “Actor” Alec Baldwin Appears Devastated As He Lists $29 Million Hampton Home Before Facing Possible Criminal Charges Over “Rust” Shooting thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/t

Well worth the 3h RT.
Let me know what you think when you finish.

InfoWars - Govt Network Connections odysee.com/@wonderingwhatif:b/

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