He's at it again! WTF is up with all this fast food wifi talk!

@adam How do new karma jingles get curated? I'd love some Nugent anti-vax/jobs karma to go along with my next donation!


(yes I'm aware this clip made the rounds a few weeks ago)

reporter 1: "Do you have an idea how many people you treated with ivermectin?"

Dr. "A few hundred probably"

reporter 2: "and they're all ok?"

Dr. "they're all alive and well"

Earlier in the press conf. she said she had privileges at the hospital in case she needed to admit anybody. But she hasn't had to admit any of her patients that she treated with monoclonal antibodies and/or ivermectin.

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She said she found out via a phone call from the Houston Chronical that her privileges had been suspended.

I find this tweet thread by the hospital ironic. They're basically kicking her out even though her treatment has resulted in zero hospitalizations!
Oh! maybe thats the problem, she's not generating enough revenue!

Interesting story about a doctor drug though the mud in Houston by the hospital.

"if you dare challenge the vaccine agenda, this is what happens to you"


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Don't look now, but it appears Boe Jiden might be lying human debris...

More Ivermectin Fuckery!

I've had a script for months, my insurance has covered it without question for numerous months. My latest refill comes due and I get hit with a "Prior Authorization" requirement.

Long story short, it appears if your doctor mentions that Ivermectin is used for covid, they deny the insurance claim.

It says I can pay out of pocket to get the med, $413.89 for a months supply.

Its not hard to understand why people resort to the veterinarian formula....

(CNN) — Tried meatless Mondays? How about black fly Fridays or scorpion Sundays?
New York City-based chef Joseph Yoon started cooking insects four years ago for an art project. He now wants to change our perceptions of creepy crawlies so that we can have "delicious," "nutrient-dense," and "sustainable" insect diets.


The trifecta!!

(I feel for the gas station employees that will have to remove all these stickers. )

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I guess I'll have to suffer through the beanie..
Timcast IRL - Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Blaire White, Michael Malice & DrewHLive Join The Crew LIVE


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