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It would be great if Mastodon let us link images/videos and draw a preview instead of forcing an upload. Could save us space and bandwidth. Make it easier on the admin. I dump everything on for this purpose.

A little PSA: Think before you upload that 8MB image... Does it really need to be 8MB to get the message across? Does that video really need to be 1080p60?

The reason Babylon Bee is so funny to anyone with a sense of humour (and so inflammatory to the left) is because most of the stories are literal inches away from being possible in this totally fucked up world.

Those with humour laugh because it's ridiculous but possible.

The left scream and moan because someone called them on their bullshit ideas before they got to try them.

@p @tija @meowski @r moving away from fixed width characters is a bad move

New from Project Veritas

BREAKING: @IlhanMN Connected Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Corrupts Elections: 'There Here Are All Absentee Ballots...Look...My Car Is Full..." 'Money Is The King Of Everything'

🚨 Paid Voter: “When We Sign The Voting Document and They Fill It Out Is When They Give Us The Money,”… “The Minute We Signed The Thing [Ballot] For The Election. That’s When We Get paid.”

@adam the reason people don't want you "representing" the ADOS or Bitcoin "communities" is because they think THEY should be invited on the podcasts not you. Don't take it personally.

Plus you're never coming off as of you're trying to be the new expert face of Bitcoin or ADOS. You seem to be passing yourself off as the guy who knows a little, is learning more as he goes, and sharing everything he learned.
And *your* fans appreciate that!

AC’s mention of lightning on latest episode of podcasting 2.0 🤔

makes me think that will offer monetization to potcasters via bitcoin! 💵

So, potcasters: get ready and create bitcoin wallets to get ready! 💰


“When you take away the celebrity and the fashion and the music and the gossip and all these industries that mainly surround media, you’re left with an empty shell of self-congratulatory douchebags that nobody gives a crap about!" — @adam 1280

Explains why I never liked these award shows to begin with.

Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems

Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems. Democrat fundraising arm ActBlue is getting about half of ...

Thursday is here, @art still censors @CSB. @noagendashowvideo has only made one statement regarding this matter as far as I'm aware (pic related). If @art still censors come Sunday I'll be blocking & encouraging everyone to join me as promised.

I will also state that it is Jeff's right to create bots however he sees fit, but it's also our right to push back when censorship is practiced in our community.

@djsumdog @georgia Hah, my first “smart” phone since some Sony something that than 1.5 or 1.6 don’t remember which but I rooted that sucker and every phone since.

I never buy a phone unless I know I can root it.

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