Oofta. Love me some spicy chicharrones, but my bum does not....

I'm making this dude's scream my new ring tone.... Beahahahaha

@Kaiserhase @ThatDude

If you read the instructions it wants you to test 72 hours before and again right before you need to have the test.

I have them just in case anyone wants to be an asshole. I had to test before my step brother's wedding- only used one and didn't bother doing the kids.
Took a pic of the same test in 3 different positions to "prove" we were all negative

@MartinDeLaToot @Kaiserhase @MarSven

My point was more that it references "50" states but is supposed to be a document from the 1800s. I'd like tm actually see where this is in the federal register as law or the court documents

So what about state and local employees? Are they mandated too?

Had a long conversation with my brother over family drama. Was great. But ended with vaccine talk. Sigh lol. Now to aggregate and assemble all the vaccine information. Lol

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