Tell Karen's audience the Moe Factz with Adam Curry podcast is where the real work is being done! Tell Karen's audience that she's a boule mouth piece. Tell Karen's audience she's a Democrat Shill and that she sucks.

Call in. Tell her Moe Factz with Adam Curry is a better program. PROPAGATE! PROPAGATE! PROPAGATE!

On Today's show, January 26th "" was coined and the idea of a database to dox Trump voters, conservatives and non allies.

On Monday's show February 1st, NAS and the troll room invade Karen's airwaves to invite her listeners to Moe Factz and No Agenda. Call in give a ITM or a TYFYC and tell her she's a boule Shill and to listen Moe Factz with Adam Curry.

OK NASocialites, let's find out how powerful we are? Or just how annoying we can be. Let's bring NAS and the troll room to the Karen Hunter show on SiriusXM 126. To celebrate Black History month, I think on the Monday the first we should call in and tweet (for those still on bluebird) and remind her of all the racist things Biden has said, that she is a mouth piece of the boule and that her listeners should tune in to Moe Factz with @adam Curry.

If Stern can do it to Tradio why can't we?

I told him to smile. I guess he was a little nervous with the camera around.

This was so bewildering, it had to be shared here at NAS!

Armie Hammer's ex-girlfriend says actor 'has a desire to hurt women' | Fox News

These democrats are real cocksuckers. Every suicide is blood on their hands!

@KReBSTaR oh yes, we have best rangoon. would you like fry rice? fry rice three dollar!

Besides the knight that lives in Meeteetse, I think his name is Bill. Any other Wyoming people in this burg?

OK Q folkx, here's some proof. Biden day one killed thousands of union jobs. The Keystone XL pipeline construction has been halted. It's time to give up the hope of some sort of Trump return. If he does it will be in 4 years. So buckle up with your head high because you putting false hope into some B.S. story isn't going to save this Republic. It's going to take ground work and at home changes in your own life to fix this place. Get to work. Only you can save you!

@KReBSTaR It's called Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Delete them from your phone and you will find your life so much better.

For nearly all Americans right now in this very moment, the only civil war they can find is the one in their own pocket.

Everyone just needs to calm the f*** down and look at their actual lives. Not the ones you live online. Enjoy your family. Enjoy food. Enjoy nature. Log off!

Time to virtue signal to the black folkx and pretend democrats care what God commands of us. This is the most sickening portion of this farce.

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