I am positive they gave Biden saline. They cannot possibly risk an adverse reaction.

Watching Biden getting his saline injection..I mean booster shot, is awkward. He can't even pull up his own shirt sleeve. And the jabber makes sure she stands in front of him actually getting the jab.


The writing room for Supergirl is either super left wing, or a bunch of frat boys seeing what they can get the left to believe each week.

Screen Rant: Arrowverse's Martian Manhunter Reveal Makes Him A More Tragic Hero.

Who shook Bill Maher's cage...

Fox News: Bill Maher schools Whoopi Goldberg on Black national anthem: 'Separate but equal' is out of step!.

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They ruined Candyman. Turned the ending into a woke POS. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!

New Dan Brown show on Peacock went straight to the Proud Boys in the first 2 minutes...Clearly the OK hand gesture is going to lead us to the Holy Grail or going to bring Satan back. Where is Nicholas Cage when you need him...

Global Warming, Bee Privilege, Honey wars, were the Penguins attempting to gentrify the neighborhood? We must get to the bottom of this...


Went for a long walk after dark last night to listen to Sunday's show and just get away from it all.

Something amazing about walking alone with nothing but the sound of the wind and the occasional hoot owl, that makes you feel like you could be murdered at any moment.

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“First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”
-- Bill Gates

Chris Rock has COVID. Tells others in tweet to get vaccinated because they"Don't want this". Biggest problem with tweet...he is already vaccinated and he still got it. So he is pointing out the stupidity of his decision to get vaxxed.

I'm really tired of every anti mask or anti covid vaxx person that gets COVID making news headlines. I'm sure the media is trying to make these people look like idiots... But there are 10x people that follow all the BS rules and also get covid.

How to keep a face diaper from causing issues for your kids at school:

"To avoid skin irritation, doctors suggest washing masks regularly, making sure they fit properly and PICKING MASKS MADE WITH SOFT, BREATHABLE FABRIC."

If a mask is made from breathable fabric..how is it going to stop a microscopic virus from getting in or out?


California can't even get a recall right....IDIOTS...

This is how we define an COVID outbreak now?

"An outbreak is defined as two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases among students or staff within a 14-day period who are epidemiological linked, who do not share a house and are not identified as close contacts of each other. "

2 linked cases in 2 weeks.....


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This is the kind of stuff you just can't make up.

A white man claims that voting for a black man goes against diversity.

WTF!!!! I knew Newsome was nuts, but this is more certifiable than his soon to be fraudulent win to retain his office.

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