My local councilwoman in WA had to quell a rumor that her account was fake. Wonder why.

Latest IOS update includes Covid contact tracing API.

Interesting part is my wife's update description included the tidbit, mine did not, even in full release notes. Both are updating to 13.5, different models though.

So am I just on the "withhold key info" list?

I forgot all about BBC Pidgin

"Some kain tok tok dey online say cow dung and cow piss na one correct way to deal wit Covid-19."

Does anyone have proof that the Joe Biden brain/heart campaign ad in the newsletter was an official ad? I tried finding it online, but even the meme versions seem to have been wiped off the face of the earth.

Inslee says WA can reopen May 4th if we all get tested, chipped, and vaccinated. You wouldn't want the shutdown to be extended again, would you citizen?

Jay Inslee says WA has defeated 90% of the virus. Based on over 90% of tests coming back negative? They could potentially still be infected. He's clueless.

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