Jay Inslee says WA has defeated 90% of the virus. Based on over 90% of tests coming back negative? They could potentially still be infected. He's clueless.


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Biden is in the parroting phase of dementia.

He heard something, and he repeated it through a filter of misfiring synapses.

The actor Jan Michael Vincent was one of history's most titanic alcoholics.

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Gasoline price at port of NYC is 58 cents/gal. The national average for taxes is 61 cents. Gasoline right now is cheaper than the tax added to it. Think about that.

Looked into it some more, it looks like the Department of Health tests 200 a day. The rest of the testing is being done at University of WA Virology Lab for a total of 1000 a day. So the total number makes a little more sense now.

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Yes! WA now has 8000 test kits and we can run 200 samples a day with ONLY a 48 hour turn.

Curiously, they have somehow already tested 20,742 individuals in WA, so it appears that our throughput is severely diminishing...

Yes, YouTube commenters, the most esteemed political analysts of our time.


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The topic of self-hosting music came up during the Show a couple weeks ago with guest Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music. I’ve set up an instance of Funkwhale for No Agenda producers to upload audio content at natunes.rocks

I’m not an artist, so open call for site graphics (looking at you @darrenoneill @CSB @MartinJJ @[email protected] et alia) to bring the room together.

It’s open registration ATM. @PhoneBoy I know you’ve quite the collection of jingles and tunes


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for some reason this pandemic scare feels different. I think it may have to do with the fact that EVERYONE SHOULD EFFIN KNOW BETTER BY NOW. I am 100% judging everyone who hasn't figured this out yet. ESPECIALLY NA listeners.

HEADLINE: Louisiana driver caught driving with tabs that expired in 1997.

In Seattle, you don't even need license plates or a folded blank paper taped up in your rear window. Who needs tabs? There are no laws.


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Every time a Democratic candidate for president says the purpose of the election is to "beat Trump," translate that in your head to "We have no policies that most of you will prefer, but hey, Orange Man Bad, am I right?"

Original: twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/sta
#Election #Orange #Trump

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

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Analysis: #Coronavirus has temporarily reduced #China’s #CO2 #emissions by a quarter

#Coal use at power stations reporting daily data at a four-year low.

#Oil refinery operating rates in Shandong province at the lowest level since 2015.

Output of key #steel product lines at the lowest level for five years.

Levels of #NO2 #air #pollution over China down 36% on the same period last year.

Domestic #flights are down up to 70% compared to last month.



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