Sooo. Kanye West is running for president? Did I just see that?

Kinda like what I was sharing earlier. Reported cases of Covid-19 are going up but the death rate is going down.

Has anyone here heard of PeerTube? From what I can tell, it's a Federation-based alternative to YouTube. I'm sure there's more to it, though.

The most interesting thing I've figured out about it is that you can subscribe to a channel directly from Mastodon, so that the channel activity appears here!

I'm watching this video of someone explaining how it works now.

I want to publicly thank Kshama Sawant, the socialist radical councilwoman, for leading the to Jenny Durkin's house, and thus ending as we know it.

may have gone on for weeks otherwise

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Biden truth comes out when asked about his VP pick and his requirements of "HER".

"Almost all of the women i am considering have had some exposure to foreign policy and national defense issues [...] that they would be ready on day one to be *** President of the United States of America ***."

I think it's pretty difficult to write this one off as a misspeak.

If case data is skipped for 'conversion' can one conclude the next day's count is the sum of two days?

YouTube axes a chess instruction video because
in chess, white pieces move against black pieces and artificial intelligence bots do not understand anything but RACISM.

We are limping toward eventual herd immunity, we are just doing it with the maximum amount of petty tyranny, hypocrisy, stupidity, anxiety and economic pain, courtesy of our feckless political class

Full-List of bots:

As predicted, ******Inslee 's Covid Phase 4 (no restrictions) is only theoretically achievable in WA. What a punk.

Hey @halleberry, I drew up the map so you're clear on our Burien turfdoms. Don't need any border disputes amongst our peasants.

Want to liberate yourself from the clutches of Google / Youtube?

Support the development of PeerTube, if possible, as the push for version 3 functionality is ongoing!

Here's the basic roadmap plan of funding points:

Global search


Plugins & Playlists
(Aug. - Sept.)

Live streaming
(Oct. - Nov.)

Let's make this happen 👍

#Peertube #funding #deleteYouTube #deleteGoogle #roadmap #Framasoft #streaming #live

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