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Twitter won’t let you hashtag #1984, a dystopian novel about an evil Big Tech government that spies on everyone, censors and manipulates speech, punishes wrong-thought, and tortures dissidents for sport.

There’s Orwellian, and then there’s banning references to Orwell Orwellian.

>for those in the back

Since I had to delete my account and make a new one, I need to toot every potentially useful thing I have to say to get my numbers up. I'm at rookie numbers

My cashiers have decided to refuse service to anyone who complains about other customers who are not wearing masks.

How quickly does the virtue signalling (or is it raw fear implanted by the MSM) devolve into threats of crime, such as:

- Well then I'm just going to steal this!
- Well then I'm going to kick your ass!
- Well then I'm not going to leave private property!
- Etc.

plan to try and punch as many family members as possible tonight at my family super spreader event. If my hits land, or 33 pops up synchronistically, I will stop being a douchebag and work on donating. Wish me luck

I get the photo op aspect of this event, but unless these are dummy display versions of the vials, I highly question, besides all the other issues we all know about with these things, the people who are even handling them from factory to bicep. Shipped via FedEx.

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Yay, the Pfizer vaccine arrived at U of WA. I was curious about the Li-ion warning sticker, but that's just for the high-tech temp sensor in the box. These clowns can't even coordinate glove pair that has a left and right hand glove, and she almost drops the 200 count tray of vaccines after leaving the door wide open on their "ultracold" freezer and raising its temp 50 degrees.

Vid here (recommend watching for anyone considering getting it):

I’m not going to lie. NAS is getting crowded. I both love it and miss when it was small. But welcome to all the new people. 👍🏻

"Our normal process for releasing final death data is complex, involves multiple data systems, and can take up to 18 months from start to finish"

"We will no longer assume a death is caused by COVID-19 if a positive lab result is reported more than 28 days prior to death. Until now, we correlated a positive COVID-19 lab result up to 60 days prior to death. "

What a bunch of clowns who don't know what they're doing.

People in NY are getting pissed. They pulled off a protest that shut down the whole street in front of Manny's Bar

The next phase of this will make Covid look like a walk in the park.

**Breatheasy Speakeasy
Emegency Reschedule**

My wife and I were hosting a meetup in Bothell, WA. But Lord Emperor Jay F'in Inslee just informed the restaurant that they are shut down effective Saturday.

Therefore the meetup is rescheduled to this Friday Dec 4 on an emergency basis. I hope as many of us slaves as possible can make it to show some support for this small business.

I'll post the link to the NA Meetups page once the update goes live.

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