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Did No Agenda get pulled from spotify?

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(Sept 16) US DOD states that Russia and China have weaponized the satellites with direct energy weapons


Covid incubation period is 2-14 days.
12 days per Covid case to be analyzed.
Average person has 20 contacts per day.
Call it 10 during lockdown for the average quarantining person right now.
120 people to identify (how?) and track down, luckily they are all tested.
ONE is positive, and was determined to be contagious during contact period.

Someone who has no problem attending a wedding is not quarantining so there are at least 240 contacts.

Your contact trace is based in BULL****!

Are we expected to believe that the government, of all entities, is capable of *CONTACT TRACING* legitamately identifying a SINGLE point of infection from case to case? What about untested "asymptomatics"? What about masks having little to no effect? What about false positives? What about it being the most contagious virus known to man?

Maybe contact tracing is a lie.

Maybe the entire thing, through and through, is an entire crock of lies.

And why do the people refuse to defy any of it?

I attended the West Seattle homeschooling meetup last week and it was a hit! The host, Stephen, put up this website for people to support homeschooling families and social gatherings for our human resources in any FEMA region.

I gave Stephen an NAS link, so we should see him here soon. Anyone who is interested at all should get in touch with him via email in the meantime. He said there was a lot of interest nationally just from the meetup announcement alone.


Okay, what do you think of this. Get people used to Biden wearing a mask all the time. That way, you can install a speaker in his mouth that will speak for him into the microphone. They then use AI to use Text to Speech with his voice. He becomes Darth Biden. Like, forreal.

Nancy Antoinette:

"The salon owes me an apology for setting me up!"

Now, four charts sum up this entire Pandemic.

1. We did not know what we were doing academically wrt this epidemiology & risk scenario
2. Our state admins were unequipped/untrained
3. Our state-level politicians Lemming-Cycle panicked
4. Situation was exploited by extremists

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