@ReadyKilowatt lol... Might be using a VAX emulator VM at work... But not for finance account management, jeez

A BANK is making me use an 8-10 character password... WTF? 🚩

@the0ther my absolute favorite type of fishing.. pure Zen... But don't get to do it very often

@RickBrandon I'm sorry man, this shit is too close to home for you. Crazy shit happens for no reason. We just have to control what we can, spread love, and help the next generation be better than any before them. Sending a virtual hug!

@OVDB I hate it when I take a breath to exclaim that I cannot breathe.

@CSB it happened at least once before over a minimum wage dispute and everyone is all jiddy about that and worships that president.

@Johncdvorak (& @adam )Trump is definitely wearing lifted shoes when standing next to Melania with heels on... At a NASA visit everyone was the same height except Karen Pence who wore flats. Damn you for making me even think about this 😜

@yukiame I dunno... don't want to blow a wad of cash and smash myself in the hole... if it looks like a pretty rigid ceiling, definitely might have flacid performance after this bout. Do you think it could arouse more support?

@skypage @mwklein @progo

Thanks for all the help on this, guys! Turns out it was a bad RAM module... Exacerbated by no beep codes with the failure (black with fans), and then turns out the BIOS takes 10-15 seconds to boot so I was prematurely ruling it out as dead with each testing iteration... Noob move. Not helped by the work/kids schedule...

Now putting ESXI on this and pfsense on another box... and on my way to building my own cloud!

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