@xahlee both move on their own as a blade makes a revolution... Same pitch angle causes blade to flap up and lag going into the direction of motion and then speed up and flap down when going "backwards"

@SirBemrose thank God these yahoos are being influenced by gun ads and not looking overseas where a LOT more people are killed in 1 second by another, cheaper, technology

@a I wonder how much of that was people only reading the first 6 words...

@irritable every self-respecting pickup owner in the south has a pair of wellies between the cab and bed (except they don't call them wellies)

... That being said, it doesn't rain in El Paso... Flase flag!

@Grimericano @hippieNdisguise @Gramerica
Darren! You're back on here!

I see... I was thinking everything grew, but now I remember... The grow is from the core outward

@PhoneBoy watch out for Florida Man! He's especially prolific, but understated, on that coast

@hippieNdisguise dinosaurs were actually smaller... The Earth has been expanding due to neutrino bombardment and everything on it had been growing over the millennia. I learned that from @Grimericano and @Gramerica

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