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I have so many questions... #1 where did the egg come from? What poor bird had its baby ripped away? How did they get gay penguins? Damn crazy Aussies...

Halfway through... Still don't know who the fuck John Galt is.

Pissing in the wind about the current Florida red tide outrage

Last song of the last Warped Tour... Obviously Pennywise and Fuck Authority... While everyone files out for their jobs tomorrow. Anticlimactic end of an era.

OMG the future is here! With 10+ years of purchase history, totally knows exactly what I want when I want it!

$5 says Putin had water tankers flying over to increase the sprinkle to a deluge and turn an alpha move with the umbrella guy into a Super Male Vitality move.

The oDrone doesn't care what shade of brown you are... We're all red and squishy on the inside

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