My VPN subscription is expiring... I've had a pretty good experience. Air VPN, €49/yr, unlimited bandwidth for 5 simultaneous connections. Min 4mbit up/down, unlimited switches. Kinda annoying on Windows, needs an app. OpenVPN on Android. No real complaints.

Anyone got something better?

@irritable @JonOfJupiter I was recommended Private Internet Access, too, by @bufordk and am very happy with it so far, other than the iOS app drinking more than what I consider its fair share from the battery.

I also use PIA, had no issues using it for a number of years. I need to get around to trying to get the OpenVPN configs working with windows, since updates to their client seem to happen much less than TunnelBlick did on my Mac.
@irritable @JonOfJupiter @bufordk

This is what I said I already have. I'd rather use an OpenVPN client that gets more regular updates than PIA
@black6_ @JonOfJupiter @bufordk

@skypage @black6_ @irritable @bufordk

$3.33/month and severs in 33 countries!? I mean... Come on... Guess I'll follow the advice of the intelligence community and go with PIA

Thanks y'all!

Those are definitely strong signs. Also remember you can pay with just about ANY kind of gift card.
@skypage @black6_ @irritable

Would recommend PIA as well. Have used it for a HTPC VPN for 3 years now. Very pleased.

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