I'm surprised nobody has yet proposed using eugenics to selectively breed nazis out.

No Agenda Treasure Coast Meetup with Sir Shawn, Knight of the Northern Everglades, YoVinnie, @Iamthebammbamm, and if course @adam and @Johncdvorak

Any HAMs out there have a recommendation for a crash course in radio communications (maybe even telemetry)? My knowledge is seriously lacking and I have a relatively urgent need to fill that gap. I'm looking for a textbook, handbook, online course, etc. and is prefer if it got technical quickly (I've had courses in electrical engineering) TIA!

Florida brethren unite June 29th!

(also, if anyone wants to spam me my number and email are in plain text on the open internet... Don't be offended if Google screens your call)

Fingers crossed he picks Jimmy McMillan (of The Rent is Too Damn High Party) as his VP

Traffic engineering is a dark art... This explains why roads stay just as congested when they expand

Epstein case is moving again... Anyone involved in the prosecution should avoid small aircraft, hot tubs, and canoes. Also, please try not to put a bag over your head to asphyxiate the day before giving a statement.


Those Westeros people need to check their privilege. White walker culture should be cherished and we should celebrate them marching over the racist wall. Anyone that says that they are an inherently violent people is showing their true colors as a lifeist. They are just dreaming of a new opportunities to succeed and escaping oppression.

Finally listening to Sunday's show... Got some insider info on the Baresheeeet Israeli drone @adam

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) reset and came back to life 90° off from the horizontal so it tried to correct and accelerated sideways into the surface.

Didn't have redundant IMU I'm guess and radio was likely pointed the wrong way when it repositioned

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