A BANK is making me use an 8-10 character password... WTF? 🚩

@Johncdvorak (& @adam )Trump is definitely wearing lifted shoes when standing next to Melania with heels on... At a NASA visit everyone was the same height except Karen Pence who wore flats. Damn you for making me even think about this 😜

A Syrian terrorist armed with a rifle, shotgun, and pistol attempted to enter the Navy base in Corpus Christi Texas and kill as many on base as possible. A young female Sailor on duty was shot square in the chest by the terrorist. Her ceramic armor stopped the bullet, the force knocked her to the ground. She was able to activate the final denial barrier before the terrorist could pass. She unloaded her side arm into the vehicle killing the terrorist. In case this hadnt made it into your newsfeed

Alright dudes named Ben... I'm building a server with old parts. I've got 2 motherboards (supermicro), 2 processors (Xeon), and 2 sets of RAM (ECC, tested by supermicro)

I can't get the damn thing to show any sort of BIOS screen using the mobo VGA. I've tried most combinations with the sack of hardware I have. No beep codes. Tested power supply (new). Not my first computer build.

WTF am I missing? Do I NEED a video card?

I hope the internet makes the National Weather Service regret tomorrow being day on the bird site

Got pushed an emergency alert for COVID on a Pixel phone that's been in airplane mode for about a year

I've got 6 extra large Charmin rolls for sale, still in their protective plastic shell. I've taken the liberty of early on injecting the casing with an 80% nitrogen mixture to keep the rolls fresh. OBO! DM me, free ship, much fast.

Just read through a contest's rules which included that you may not "depict or otherwise identify a pet unless its legal owner is the Entrant"

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As one of the folks around this place that is old enough to (barely) remember the United States and its relations with the nation of Iran during the last half of the 1970s and throughout the 1980s, I would like to offer you some comfort at this time.

I know this seems like A Really Really Bad Thing and, well, it is.

But, honestly, it's always a really really bad thing. Constantly we're collectively having bad things done in our name.

It's unlikely, in my estimation, that this current really really bad thing is going to be the impetus for One Last Final Really Bad Thing For All Time. We've been here before and we've made it through. Don't freak out too much.

Do keep supporting those around you, do keep making sure people have what they need, and do keep letting the world know, as loudly as you choose, when actions are taken in your name that you do not support.

Peace and love to all my siblings around the world.

Can somebody tell me why my wife has been ending every statement by saying "I have spoken?"

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