Hey people's named Ben... Any reason this wouldn't be good for a home server running freenas, nextcloud, and Plex? Kinda convinced myself I want ECC ram (16g)... There's a Xeon version for another couple hundred, but that seems like overkill. Whatcha think?

Any experience with these Fujitsu Primergy boxes?


Hey @ChrisWilson ... If I ever make it over there, you wanna climb Uluru? Never had the inclination to do so, but now I really want to.

"Where does the word 'cis' come from?" - Resident Chemist

Been listening for somewhere around 600 shows and just now wondering if it's "rent boys" and Chardonnay, instead of "red Bois" and Chardonnay...

I'm surprised nobody has yet proposed using eugenics to selectively breed nazis out.

No Agenda Treasure Coast Meetup with Sir Shawn, Knight of the Northern Everglades, YoVinnie, @Iamthebammbamm, and if course @adam and @Johncdvorak

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