Video: deliberate destruction of baby formula.

Tell me this isn't an engineered food shortage.

This is a highly visible microcosm of what is going on across the ENTIRE food supply chain.

Skeletor recites Jordan Peterson's essay about his Twitter suspension

New footage of a US military convoy smuggling stolen oil out of Raqqah, Syria.

The US army has been consistently looting the country's oil and smuggling it into their Iraq bases.

Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria's oil output per day

WOW!! Just imagine if China did that.....oh-wait they already are & Biden is approving it!

The MAL raid was probably just incompetence (probably already have the evidence they're looking for) combined with a millennial in power unable to understand the optics...

"The climate portion of the bill represents $369 billion in spending... Due to a corporate minimum tax provision, the bill will reduce the deficit by around $300 billion over ten years."

TrUsT tHe ScIeNcE!

James Webb photo folks were all jacked about was just a slice of chorizo... But every other one is 100% real and amazing

Anyone know who did that anti- lecture the boys have been talking about? Not in the show notes from what I can tell

I've enjoyed The Boys like I've enjoyed taking a shit- it massaged my prostate a bit, but I don't have an urge to talk about it

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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