We need a short music video featuring Kermit the Frog singing "It's Not Easy Being Green" against a backdrop of blacked out cities, food lines, riots and EVs with exploding batteries.

Maybe with Animal rampaging in the background somewhere.

@Economic_Hitman @xue @djsumdog @sjw I love diatoms

they're algae that make beautiful glass shells to float around in, and when they die, they leave them behind

imagine being naked in a pile of broken glass and having to get out, that's how it kills insects :0171:

Jack. I want you to draw me like on of your French girls.

Apparently Manny Puig is less of a celebrity than I thought... Works for me!

Anyone in the Tillamook area interested in an unsanctioned meetup tomorrow night? My current plans consist of trying to find a place to park my van to sleep, fishing for crayfish and maybe other larger game, and possibly shooting at beer cans. I'm in town for a funeral, but my family is weird and doesn't want me around until the event.

Unpopular opinion: no funny business on 9/11... But the towers were built by the corrupt mafia which provided shit concrete and steel not even close to spec... So even a stiff breeze would have brought the 3 towers down since they were held together by popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue

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