Palindrome... Signal that I should become an insta-baron? 😉

Seriously people, just wear a mask.

Fiberglass dust is really bad for you.

WTF is up with the northeast... Was flying over @NICKtheRAT 's hidey-hole tonight and the whole city was lightning up fireworks... Like every block. One of the freakiest things I've ever seen. Flying low over houses in Connecticut, 90% were lighting some kind of firework... Panicked thinking there was something for the liberals to be celebrating, but can't find anything. Just blowing their 4th wad early?

@adam how's the email dumpster fire going? I'm planning on spooling up my own server soon... Not good juju hearing about your bot attack!

A BANK is making me use an 8-10 character password... WTF? 🚩

@Johncdvorak (& @adam )Trump is definitely wearing lifted shoes when standing next to Melania with heels on... At a NASA visit everyone was the same height except Karen Pence who wore flats. Damn you for making me even think about this 😜

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