Sent to Twitter jail for this? The reasoning doesn't even make sense.

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@Jon728 hateful conduct? Has anyone there seen Rob Reiners feed?

@Johncdvorak @Jon728 I've been banned from Twitter so many times I've lost count. Just got banned on another throwaway account today lol

@Johncdvorak I have reported Rob Reiner in the past to Twitter. He never gets taken down.

@Jon728 This doesn't sound like Q-tard or someone who is calling for armed insurrection at inauguration day (bad idea!).

@Jon728 anything pro-red or anti-blue is now hate speech because hate speech is (and always was) a meaningless escape hatch to ban whatever you please.

@Jon728 all the more reason to just leave the platform. Their only real value comes from the scale they have.

@Jon728 you said "destruction". Destruction is hateful and threatening - naughty you!

You said "the republic". The republic is all the people who form it.

"We now just watch..." is promotion for doing something!!!!

You're 'promoting ... threats ... against other people'

Bad Jon!

Their reasoning is .... their reasoning. All words are bad.

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