Black people matter
BLM is a money laundering organization for the DNC
All lives matter
There is no systematic racism in America
As someone who has done the work. I am appalled that you would use your privilege to disagree with me.

Just needed to get that all out off my system. Oh and Fuck The Liberals.

I don't care about your feelings. Suck it up!

Masks don't work
PCR tests are not accurate for detecting the China virus
Yes it came from China
There is no asymptomatic spread
Lockdowns don't work
Corona virus is the flu
95.95% survival rate does not warranty this reaction
Fauci is an idiot

Biological men should not play in woman's sports
There are only 2 genders
If you have a penis you must use the men's room
I don't care of you identify as a tree I will not use special pronouns
He or she only

Not only is Biden not my president he is not yours either.
Biden lost Trump won
There was voter fraud
Democrats Stole the election
Biden is an illegitimate president
Biden is in cognitive decline
Kamala blackmailed Biden to be VP.

We are impeaching an ex president because the Democrats never learned sticks and stones in the schoolyard.

John Kerry has an abnormally large head. That is all.

Biden is going out of his way to undo every good thing Trump did. He does not care about the people.

The more the left tries to demonize President Trump,the more his supporters will stand behind him.
What can't they understand about this.?

Exit strategy create a Bernie Sanders elf on the shelf for next Christmas. Will sell millions.

I believed Biden is pushing through all these executive orders now before he steps down and hands the presidency to Harris.
Joe can take all the heat because he will never run for office again.
Kamala can then blame everything on Biden and still run for a second term.

The only thing that will fix our government are term limits for the house and Senate. Unfortunately the house and Senate would have to vote on it.
The only way we would they would possibly do that is if current members were grandfathered in. Should be 3 consecutive terms Max.

If a Patriot party forms it will help break up the Senate and the house which is a good thing. Unfortunately a third party especially a conservative one would assure Democrats a presidential win as it would split the conservative vote. We would also need the Democrat party to split.

Mike Lindell should offer a Melania Trump full size body pillow. I would be all over that. 😁

If "President" Biden cannot finish his term and Harris becomes president. Who becomes voices president. Does the new president appoint someone? Or does everyone just move up a notch?

Who do you think it's really going too be in charge once"President" Biden is sworn in?

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