If conservatives are ok with laws rewarding snitching on fellow citizens, let's just have an "honor system" mask or vaccine rule for all indoor gatherings, with a $10k bounty for anyone who can prove somebody violated the rules.


@wjmaggos You can pass such a law where you live. I'm sure it will work out fine.

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@wjmaggos I think it has been a stunning success in
A) staking culture war ground
B) advertising that Texas is in fact Red and that Blue refugees do not get to live there and be comfortably Blue.

Legally, I have no idea but I don't think this was ever about the actual law


It sets a horrible precedent, in encouraging snitching in such a private affair and how SCOTUS has dealt with it so far. Maybe you're right or maybe some people do want to consider it murder. More consistent than pro choice people who want to mandate vaccines.


I assure you a great many people do consider abortion to be murder.

But either way this is what you get a 'cold' civil war.

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