I still oppose anything like a vaccine passport but damn do I wish we had a more reasonable populace. #LiberalValues


me of course. but we have proven methods to resolve factual disputes and weigh public policy alternatives. to have public conversations that make the smartest compromises possible. too many of us are just choosing not to for reasons of profit or positive emotional feedback at all levels.

@wjmaggos Do you really believe public conversations are even possible in an age where YouTube takes down Congressional testimony?


They are part of the problem. We who don't demand they and other big social corporations get broken up or decentralized etc are part of the problem, but especially the famous people on these services who bitch but won't even mention this place or services like @peertube.


@wjmaggos I don't believe that breaking them up will do anything. It is a decentralized system. That's the power of oligarchy. It doesn't matter how much you divide it. You're changing the name on the door, not the philosophy and certainly not the milieu.

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Probably true. But actually forcing them to use an open protocol and not just be separate platforms would force change, no?

@wjmaggos It has been suggested that you force them to open their protocols.

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