Conservatives want to talk about #AshliBabbitt but apparently lefties don't. So dumb. MAGA's embrace of her is the proof that #January6 was not simply about protesting or that this was a bunch of agent provocateurs aided by cops. They wanted more, to stop the counting or worse.


The whole Ashli Babbitt thing is just a what-about-ism trap from some *subset* of right leaning people who want *some* progressives to have a "feel bad because hypocrisy" moment.

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @wjmaggos
No it's not! Name any notorious murder in recent memory we didn't know who it was and everything there is to know about that person

@Secftblgirl @Johnny_of_the_swamp

I support knowing the officer's name etc, but I see some seriously dumb shit coming down on him and his family for something I see as completely justifiable.


@wjmaggos @Secftblgirl @amerika

Like the dumb shit where the mother of the cop involved in the Atlanta Wendy's shooting got fired?

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