@Jdogg247 He smells blood in the water. The Dems look like they'll be running an even less competent campaign than Hillary in 2016, somehow, and Trump has the advantage of incumbency.
@ArdanianRight @Jdogg247 Did you see what happened in Iowa? Incompetence doesn't even describe it, lol

@l0wk3y @Jdogg247 @ArdanianRight

Coin flips, soyboy apps, take-backs for the gays, making 2000 Florida look legit, what isn't to love?

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @Jdogg247 @ArdanianRight They can't even handle the Iowa caucus, how can they make the case for running the country?

@l0wk3y @Jdogg247 @ArdanianRight look bigot, the most important thing is that transgender disabled cyborgs of color are able to use the right bathroom in Second Life to engage in cybersex acts with NEETs in squirrel costumes and your questioning of that FACT is proof you don't understand what this country needs which is of course marxist rainbow dildos and free checks for 1 million dollars and a lifetime subscription to Vox

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @Jdogg247 @ArdanianRight :aoc3:

Lmfao, they've really got to stop crowd sourcing their policy from social media. I don't know if I can handle a general election having to hear about things no-one including me understands.

@l0wk3y @Jdogg247 @ArdanianRight

oh you better. because whoever gets that nomination has already said 10x the batshit stuff Hillary ever did.

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