That settles it. Only cops should have guns....

Oregon official: Texts show police-extremist collusion

"This story, like many that have come before it, simply confirms what many in the community have already known," Councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty said in a statement.

The difference between the express Amtrak and the non-express is slightly painful

From Facebag, Jennifer Wieda:

On the morning of January 29, Greg Davies @cGt2099 passed away in his home. He was an amazing man, a dear friend to many, like family to so many others, and the love of my life. I know he will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him. I appreciate the condolences that have been extended to me, and wish to extend my own to all of you. Arrangements have not yet been made, but I will announce them and the details as soon as his family and I decide upon them.

should I buy a used luxury car? part of me thinks it is just inherently stupid to spend a lot of money on a car and if I needed to buy a car at all I should just do the smart, frugal thing and find a reputable brand/model from 10 years ago and pay cash.

and then the other part of me is some insipid consumer that wants to send affluence signals

"Maduro on Sunday denounced an alleged conspiracy aimed at spreading rebellion in the army, saying thousands of messages were being sent to soldiers every day over WhatsApp and other social media platforms from neighboring Colombia."

Is the CIA involved in social media campaigns "meddling" in other countries? 🤔

after hearing that that NA clip of the day of Brennan with his little Freudian slip about innocent until accused I felt pretty "triggered". I hope that son of a bitch swings.

I paused the ad blocker like you asked, website. You have rewarded me with Lexus ads in Spanish

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