Nothing is as gross as a woman in her 50s pretending to be in her 20s

Today the Chicomms quarantine a massive city because of an outbreak and then Netflix just so happens to release and promote to me a nonfiction series called “pandemic” - salient timing or manufactured?

> Dickheads think I (an anarchist with some asterisks more related to pragmatism than anything else) am a fascist.

> I don't care, I write them off. They're too dumb to live, they can't possibly stop me.

> A long-time IRL friend of mine, a lifelong committed leftist, is up for admin at a lefty instance.

> It comes out that he and I are friends.

> He's of the belief that Masto admins are like lefty people IRL and that he doesn't get the bullet too.


> The thread where he explains himself starts off reasonable.

> Canceldon arrives. :bigred:

> People feel unsafe. He's Tainted.

> Clearly, since it's impossible for two people that disagree on philosophy to be friends, he's a fascist. He's been deep-cover this whole time. Volunteering for socialist and environmental organizations his entire adult life is just deep cover.

:woman: Why are you still friends with him?
:cat: He's always been decent to me.

> :nazipug: Nazi confirmed. :charliechaplinsmug:

> King Retard @garfield, sensing an opportunity to get on the popular side of a public flogging, officially denounces him.

> :mao: The purge is on. :stalin:

I don't think there's a cure for Canceldon, so my main takeaway is I should probably be more proactive about explaining my goals if for no other reason than to give friends something to point to when the pitchforks come out. I think the actual zealots are smaller in number and influence than they like to claim and I'm still of the ridiculously naive belief that it should be obvious that "proponent of individual liberty" and "pro-fascist" are completely incompatible and that I should obviously be in the first category.

I bought some chapstick and now my lips smell like a girl

There's something hilariously ironic about donating money to someone suing your employer.

The Pooping Song by Lesbian Seagulls, brought to you by Mentos, the fresh maker.

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Dr. Robert Epstein @DrREpstein

Last year, after I briefed a group of state AGs about #Google's power to rig elections, one of them said, "I think you're going to die in an accident in a few months."

A few months later, my beautiful wife #Misti died a violent death. Makes you wonder. …

#Beautiful #Election #Killed #WhistleBlower

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"We have to take things away from you to make it equitable" - the look of shock on the face of people when the realities of their morally bankrupt ethos hit home is satisfying but I doubt any soul searching will happen.

Not going to lie, seeing all the progressives at work get a taste of equality meaning lowest common denominator and squirm gives me a bit of schadenfreude

Someone posts a meme making fun of people who like their own posts. I reply with a screen cap of this person liking their own post. Too savage?

Anyone who uses the word "bespoke" is probably a douchebag.

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