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Sir Johnny the Swamp Knight @Johnny_of_the_swamp

A year and a half ago I came home from the bar and fired up Youtube and put it on some election commentary. I fell asleep and woke up on my couch at 5am to some shirtless guy making tons of sense. Now "styxhexenhammer666" is apparently blowing up.

Italian Space Doom fit your fancy? The new Ufomammut album does not disappoint.

@shanehawkk @xahlee It is a solid read. As far as I know, very very few people are aware of the truly exceptional group of African Americans that came out of the Dunbar school. I've tried in vain to find anything like a coherent critique of the book. The idea that we as a society, despite good intentions, have actually made things worse? That's the real Inconvenient Truth.

@xahlee or enough to the point where I would say he doesn't make those exact predictions but I imagine that if you were to take a time machine and tell him the current state of affairs, he would just shake his head knowingly.

@xahlee Yea, I read Visions of the Anointed earlier this year. It was published in 1995 and while there were a few bits that I found off the mark, by and large it's extremely prescient in this direction.

@Wanyo Fighting Tolerance, Seeking Hate, Teaching "Justice"

I always thought of Maxine as just a nutball. But hijacking a eulogy to score political points, this is just dishonorable and disgusting.

@SierraKiloBravo not really. I'd say Al Gore but Inconvient Truth was actually quite a few years after.

@SLRock @adam My main concern is that this is relevant info not being reported on. There's no room for policy discussion until people even know what the current policy is.

Had a tonight. Nothing good romantically, but informative. NoAgenda producers know about the ongoing situation in Burma genocide which is getting NO play. Turns out the State Department is actively processing refugees from this conflict.

Hey, I support this. If you're being genocided, I want to help you out. But discussion remains locked on DACA. Sadly, placement of refugees *is* getting contracted out to NGOs. Well intentioned, but a

Boots on the ground @adam

Here's how I know the algos are trash: I use Apple Music. I've uploaded probably 100gb of archived music, labeled and tagged on top of whatever I've "added" to my streaming library. They should be able to know EVERYTHING about what I would be interested. It is obvious to everyone, instantly, that I am a metalhead.

They have essentially nothing that I would ever listen to on the "browse" tab, auto complete suggestions I would never want and "For You" suggests albums I already own.

NYT isn't merely biased, it's the mouthpiece for a "collective madness driven by ideological fervor." Great deconstruction article.

Well, my audio quality was shit since I didn't realize how much ambient noise I was picking up but here's my 5 seconds of quality clippage from my time at the Juggalo rally.!VuxWXQYY!s95UtbfcdBz

@Combaticus Imagine someone found every conspiracy video ever and edited into a somewhat coherent narrative. There's even some Bill Hicks in there.

@temporaryDouchebag @Combaticus This is certainly true. Gnostic means hidden knowledge and the concept of revelation is central. The asceticism is only mildly present as well.