strangely, no one has registered - hot tip for DNS squatters

I like how we're in an age where everyone can voice their visceral disapproval and anger at something but without really providing a coherent rationale for it; at best making broad, silly statements.

Giving up coffee again for a little while is pushing me to realize how much I've leaned on caffeine as a drug to compensate for my shitty sleeping habits.

Months later I still get mail for the previous occupant of my apartment. Mail forwarding from USPS is free and easy. Why was it not used? Perhaps a grisly end at the hand of feral ewoks.

I really want to buy property but I'm convinced the bottom is going to fall out in the relatively near future and I should wait. Is this the opposite of FOMO?

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @ChrisWilson

Will you stand above me?
yellow rain my way, drop one on me now
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down
Will you sanitize me?
Wipe my butt or get me high
Rain keeps falling, chocolate rain keeps falling
Down, down, down (orange man bad)
Hey, hey, hey, heyyyy....
Don't You, Poop Without Me

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @ChrisWilson

Don't You (Poop Without Me)
Won't you come pee around me?
I'll be around, Poopin' you know it baby
Feed me some beans and kraut
Crap on everything inside and out and
Life's strange, living in a park
Think of the tent tarps we were living on
Street change may fill our cart
When we poop, we'll just call it art, baby

Don't You, Poop Without Me
Don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't You, Poop Without Me

I have had 0 coffee today and here I am hyper in my office like a mad man

hot new parody song idea given the recent increase of human fecal litter in the news:

Don't You (Poop Without Me)

paging @ChrisWilson

this cracked me up. this 007 as a black woman is going to be a meme factory

replace buns with large portabella caps cut in half. Keto burger achieved

Sometimes you check discord and you see the boomers are boomerposting again

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Apparently Prime Day is having some kind of ripple effect. The online homebrew store which has no Amazon affiliation sent me a Prime Day discount code.

I eat so much garlic, I wish vampires were real so I could troll them

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