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Looks like the Queen of Epstein Island, , was actually the Queen of Reddit

The online autists have done some tremendous digging on this


Listening to corporate acolytes of the Cathedral repeat koans really makes me want to take a mid-day drink.

Cancel culture won't end until cancellers start getting shot.

The algo has caught on to my intentions, I'm seeing ads for surreptitiously marketed devices that one can convert into a suppressor with a hand drill.

Rambo Last Blood is the kind of revenge flick you can enjoy if you like the idea of Stallone beheading cartel dudes to the Doors

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @Jdogg247 @p people work very hard to not admit that we are primarily animals and reading a few books and changing your hair color doesnt negate hundreds of thousands of years of human society and millions of years of evolution.
The eight fallacies of distributed computing, as enumerated by L. Peter Deutsch:

• The network is reliable
• Latency is zero
• Bandwidth is infinite
• The network is secure
• Topology doesn't change
• There is one administrator
• Transport cost is zero
• The network is homogeneous

So this is what happened to Jordan Peterson. Dude looks like he's been through hell. youtube.com/watch?v=HLWgVpmo1e

I want to know the name of that poor kid those CHAZ fuckwits killed. I want to shove that name in the face of every last one of these ANTIFA mother fuckers and ask them if THAT black life mattered.

smoked brisket continues to be tasty. what a wonderful thing.

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