How about instead of shutting down the economy we shut down Instagram and Facebag?

Media, spreading bs? Who woulda thunk it?

Also, just another thing to rub in the face of every Bernie bro who complains about Trump spreading bad information. Stop thinking your shit doesn't stink.

Second iteration of this trashcanpaul covid meme but ‘crotchfruit’ made it
Worth the revisit

there's something hot about a girl who wants to avoid buying Chinese manufactured goods 😍

cc/ @adam I know you always say to forward stuff along just in case no one else did

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So when Henry Kissinger crawls out from under a rock to write an op ed, you gotta know something is up. The opening line lets you know how old he is. Also if he really wrote this himself that's impressive for a dude his age.

Going live on Grumpy Old Bens with @Sir_William @SirBemrose and @darrenoneill to talk elections!!!!

Fucking hell. I live in an apartment community of like 12 buildings, with 20 2-3 bed room apartments per building, and now apparently one of these neighbors has the virus.

"Remote voting" - also known as How To Start a Civil War

Muriel Bowser just left me a friggin' voicemail telling me to stay home since I still have the 202 area code. cc/ @dcgirl

Between all the bailouts, checks, interest groups, advocacies, and everything else, I sometimes wonder if I live in a simulation because I seem to always be excluded.

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