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Sir Johnny the Swamp Knight

Wow. Facebag is out there with a PR campaign. Bad grammar and hilariously bad.

cc @adam

It is recruiting season apparently. I'm trying to think why I'd want to work for "Amazon Advertising Engineering" and as much as I'd love to be the NA mole, I value my sanity too much.

The joy of cats: They want to get in your lap but if they can't, will refuse to let you pick them up and be put there.

We continue our journey into Nu Metal, as we follow the first wave before 2000, in which we find groups such as Korn, Limp Bizkit and Deftones; to the second wave of the style after 2000, an advance that was led by Linkin Park at the time. And in addition to exploring the groups, we delve into the rise and influence of Nu Metal.

Ok for real this time, I have to find a way out of this city of lunatics.

I googled "Hillary Clinton real doll" and was disappointed in the Internet that this isn't a thing.

idea: when do microbial mats become a multicellular organism and not a colony? What does that have to do with politics and the "deep state"?

Now this is an interesting site for media deconstruction:

I like how they try to assign values to the integrity of news institutions, I'm just kinda surprised CNN *isn't* at the bottom.

the problem with cat ownership and working from home includes lots of begging when you have sushi for lunch

Hollyweird update with Tarantino's response to the Uma NYT piece:

What strikes me as interesting, is with the context of Uma being in a Manhattan "studio apt" at 16, trying to be an actor and drinking and going to clubs:

"Uma had a license. I knew she was a shaky driver, but she had a license."

This almost seems like a polite way of saying: "She really doesn't know how to drive a car"

Podcast episode idea:

Why are Bret Weinstein and James Damore adjacent in the social media world? Not what you think.

iTunes is so stupid that it thinks Thursday's NoAgenda show is today's and it won't let me listen to the friggin show! This new iOS version is a DISASTER

Looks like Joe Rogan finally got Steven Pinker on his show. I've loved the man's books for years but I sadly suspect the thing that finally got this to happen was how he got defamed over fakery on Twitter.

Happy to say I've pretty much cut Twitter altogether.

There's this bit in the NYT with Uma Thurman about the perv side of Hollywood and how she was abused. This stuck out to me:

"She says when she was 16, living in a studio apartment in Manhattan and starting her movie career, she went to a club one winter night..."

I know it isn't popular to say this, but for a 16 year old to be living on her own and going to clubs, this seems like a real failure of parenting.

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1005 #@pocketnoagenda

Man who sold ammo to Vegas shooter charged

"Las Vegas police wouldn't say whether armor-piercing ammunition was fired during... shooting... after a dealer who sold it to the gunman was charged with manufacturing such bullets.

Officer Larry Hadfield on Friday referred to a preliminary report...

It says some rifle magazines were loaded with various types of bullets, including armor-piercing ammunition and armor-piercing incendiary ammunition."

Finally on a plane back to the where I assume everyone is losing their shit. Massive delays and gate changes but on the bright side I’m kinda buzzed and this plane is mostly empty

Trapped in OHare and they have CNN on. Brood is now reporting as “breaking” that we are under threat of a nuclear launch from Russia?

I don’t know to laugh or cry. Every day I pray everyone at CNN dies a horrible death. And I’m an atheist.