YouTube has lost their fuckin' minds. Deverifying people. Creators with hundreds of thousands, even millions of subscribers. All in service to the corporate ad cock I guess.

"What we're really selling is not the car, it's mobility,"

Yang probably could do with hearing that pitch from Don Draper. Not only are cars status symbols, but they represent freedom quintessential to the American character. The self-satisfaction from working on your own vehicle. Or that sometimes driving is

The right of center talkers commenting on the Justin of Arabia "scandal" are informing you of where they stand and the ones who are defending him on immutable and universal principles are not wrong in so much as they are Charlie Brown lining up to kick Lucy's football.

My cat enjoys getting in shipping boxes. I googled "cat boxes" to learn more and there's an ad to get a "preserved" skinned and PREGNANT cat shipped to you.

The algos are fucking stupid. Got it?

> jar of pitted olives

> bite into olive and get a seed


It is really telling that you've got a group of people who are obsessing over 30 year old frat parties while shit is blowing up in Saudi Arabia and the lip service they do pay to it is centered around fucking tweets instead of informing the public about the history and the situation on the ground. If you're looking for a sign of a decadent, self-absorbed society, there you go.

"the list of ingredients are not too bad" - bruv the second ingredient on that list after water is corn syrup

Ways you know the Bill Hicks maxim about the two puppets is still true: The New York Times gets involved in pushing a book which has some nothingburger about a supreme court justice, and because fringe elements are taking it up as casus belli the right wing feels the need to endlessly react and retort. Ever notice that is 95% of what they do, play into the frame?

I think I'm going to be spending a large part of today pestering people on Slack

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