I've missed most media and the internet the last week due to getting married and to be honest I don't miss it much

we're going to have marksmanship in our home schooling curriculum

I've become rather easily convinced that much of history as we know it is totally bunk.

Another person in the mid 30s dead from a blood clot. Tiresome.

Just you know, some kind of thing where they kidnap Blue checkmarks and make them fight to the death. I would pay per view the shit out of that.

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Sometimes I wish there was just a lot more killing and a lot less Hobbesian Leviathan

like how long will it take before there's an incident where someone is using this thing to leak a celebrity sex tape?

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On one hand this seems really fucking cool because who wouldn't want their own R2D2?

On the other hand it seems absolutely stupid to give some multinational organization a thing that completely surveils the interior of your home.

> get alerts if Astro detects an unrecognized person

I don't know if you fuck nuts have ever heard of this old technology called a "dog", but it does the same thing.

I have two elderly extended family members who had "the Delta" recently despite being vaxxed. Both of them are experiencing after-effects: rheumatoid arthritis and macular degeneration.

Really makes you think.

The state finally released the "critical indicators" report.

Slightly more than *40%* of the COVID cases were "fully vaccinated".

Hospitalizations quite low, (less than 1%) among the jabbed, but compared to the previous report the hospitalization and death numbers track way closer than the unvaxxed.

Annoying when you google for something and the top hit is a github issue you opened 3 years ago

The greatest magic trick Penn Jillette ever did was making you think he was a libertarian

I hope some terrorist decides to commemorate today by running a Killdozer full of dirty bombs into the White House

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