well that's a heckuva band name/album title, do you think these guys do drugs?

apparently more than HALF the total unemployment benefits in the US are from California

My yearly October ritual of rewatching old Dracula films is quite behind schedule

Grilling pork and making beer. God bless America!

(Grunting stops)
(Both panting)

Never stop, closed captions, never stop.

@kgibson @clayalchemist @ProfWorr I'm less concerned with the mask stuff vs it being ok to be shitcanned for having an opinion.

Found some 90s IRC bot code in my archives. It does feel like the dark ages.

Netflix keeps sending me emails trying to get me to come back and the content they are highlighting to me to come back for just reinforces the reason I dropped it: their content sucks.

This at least partly explains how someone comes out of the Ivy Leagues with less understanding than before entering.

the sweet feeling of a delivery of freedom pellets at a decent price in 2020

Twitter and Facebook should be raided by ICE and their domains seized, like they used to do with warez sites.

Treat these techno-terror-experts like the cunts they are.

It is fascinating to me that you have these tech guys from India who somehow come to the conclusion that the place to settle down is in the most expensive ass cities in California.


Really, Twitter?

They allowed NYT's hacked/stolen From IRS "Trump's Taxes & his Businesses' Taxes"... So, why is this any different?

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