Sometimes, my hatred for Joe Biden is as endless as the stars. Then I remember my old roommate saw his dick and I chuckle.

"Let's go do drugs by the stage" - somewhere in Ohio

I want to know who the fucktard manager is that is hiring people who don't understand why the 'setup-macos' script doesn't work on their Windows laptop.

'(Rand) Paul interrupted, "You take an animal virus, and you increase its transmissibility to humans, you're saying that's not gain of function?" He asked incredulously.
"That is correct," Fauci defended'

Fuck this man.

I'd really like to desecrate the grave of Lyndon B Johnson

Do you want to start a Boogaloo? Because this is how you start a Boogaloo. This kind of shit will turn into warfare.

Those who rule without the full and clear knowledge of the constraints of their powers are unfit to do so and are tyrants.

I want to kill everyone involved in this dry vagina commercial. In minecraft.

I'm sure there's no connection between the Facebook antitrust lawsuit getting dismissed ( ) and Facebook taking calls from the White House on who/what to censor ( ).

:bidenshades: This represents a victory over the forces of malarkey.
:alexjoneswat3: ...

when working with these Eastern Euro guys I always wonder how weird they must think our American communication must be or if the internet has completely homogenized it

Wait, did I hear that right? Did Psaki just say that the vaccine can still kill you even if you're under 27? I mean yeah she's right but.... I.. what?

Link to briefing:

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