BREAKING: Nordstream 1 blockage revealed to be Kim Kardashian’s corpse.

News of "Pantera Reunion Tour" articles are so predictable.

"It's not really Pantera without Dimebag"
- Yea and it's not really X without Y has been a thing forever

"The Abbott brothers made the band"
- No doubt true

Oh here it comes!

"You definitely shouldn't see this tour because Phil Anselmo is a racist"
- The truth comes out


Always fun when I have to order CDs of American bands from overseas.

I know it is cliche to talk generational trash but there's some real ingrained helplessness in these Gen Z folks

The recession is coming, folks. Fat is getting trimmed.

These Radiohead albums are old enough to drink...I feel conflicted.

people at work will still not shut up about roe v wade and refuse to understand why other people at work are getting sick and tired of it

sure, lets keep hiring "engineers" who don't know the difference between class methods and private methods and think it is ok despite the fact that 20 years ago I flunked freshmen for not knowing this, I'm sure it will be fine

it's cute when your employer sends an email about abortion but actually never uses the word.

The fear is palpable. The NoodleGirls are totally off the rails.

If I'm elected President I promise to begin an extensive bombing campaign against Ukraine as a way to prove to Putin he can't just do whatever he wants.

I swear people don't even know how to use git anymore. Don't worry company. Just keep hiring engineers who don't know shit and pissing on real people without any explanation, I'm sure consequences will never occur

A vaporwave induced haze parts from the nape of the earth as we drive the priests of Ra to a shallow grave

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