This came across my Tweeters - it was drawn in 2015

Campus activists, after apparently trying to break into Abrams’s office, vandalized the office door, taking away the items he had put up, including a picture of his newborn son, and putting up signs with statements such as “Quit” and “Our Right to Exist Is Not ‘Ideological’ Asshole.”

Ha. Apparently Arlington is going to raise taxes to pay for the breaks it is going to give Amazon. Pretty much confirms Alexandria or Fairfax for swamp suburbs for me.

What is it with women posting pictures of themselves on vacation to exotic locales in dating profiles online?

This is a great article and the "original" linked within is great as well. I'm going to adopt "Fiat News" as an expression

I just remember this guy being associated with the - but in all honesty, it certainly seems to me that if the Feds subpoena you or anything, simply do not talk to them, take the 5th, or say you don't recall. Why talk to these people, they are not your friends! Am I the only person who saw that small l libertarian video about talking to the cops?

I don't like Glenn Beck, generally. I think he's a douchebag. But this really pisses me off. It bothers me that folks this kind of bullying and intimidation is justified when you don't like someone's ideas. I think it's up to the rest of us to stand up if you see this bullshit.

The "waste, fraud and abuse" argument is a great example of how the duopoly fails us. While we all know some government programs work and some don't and we should be talking honestly about data & better methods, instead we have a propaganda contest between superficial ideologies.

Just got through yesterday's donation segment. I also made some money off GNE

the more economically productive your country is, the greater slack there is to allow fashionable social dysfunctions to accumulate and proliferate en masse. california can afford to descend into dildo madness because it's being propped up. zambia has no such opulence, it can't afford even homosexuality to be legal. moar economy -> papa nurgle swells

Hey I think it might be a little too far for me, crossing the Atlantic and all. Do love the Amsterdam though.

Ocasio-Cortez needs to wait for lawmaker salary to kick in to afford DC apartment

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) told The New York Times in an interview Thursday that she will need to wait for her congression

Wherever you are farmerbrown from silk road, I hope a blessed light shines upon you, my friend.

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