I asked lots of people today if they were going to take the vaccine 97% said they would. However non knew why they would🤦‍♀️.

@Mummabear I got into it with my mates mum. She interrupted our poker game to tell us she had the vaccine. Blah blah blah I say “there’s no fucking way I’m getting it”, she replies with “well you have to get it. No you have to”. I reply with “why?” And then rhyme off my reasons for not. Her final reply “I just take whatever they give me.”

I don’t really care if someone gets it or not. I care more about the fact that it’ll put my life on hold if I don’t. Talk to me about “equality” then.


@madchuck @Mummabear
My conspiracy free reasons for not getting the vax, if someone asks:

Haven’t been offered one yet.

Provisional emergency FDA approval sounds like a clinical trial. I don’t participate in clinical trials.

The scientific experts keep changing the recommendations and tend to equivocate. I’m not convinced that they know what they are doing.

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@Johnmccabe @madchuck @Mummabear I'm letting shitlibs, Boomers and niggers beta test it for me

@IRLStreamer @Johnmccabe @Mummabear I don’t think black people are readily going to take it. The rest will though

@madchuck @IRLStreamer @Johnmccabe i think it Comes down to intellect.
Even the poorest Indians are refusing it.

Some people can spot a scam easier others 😁

@madchuck @Johnmccabe @Mummabear how can I take it when needy POC are going without? I will use my privilege to enable their vaccination ahead of my own

@Johnmccabe @madchuck @Mummabear but if you overweight from eating junk and drink and smoke etc and don’t live healthy diet the vaccine is the least of worries and you should take it

@TheHouse215 @Johnmccabe @madchuck that's crazy. Of you don't care for your health it doesn't matter what chemicals you jab yourself with. Your life expectancy will be less.

It's like people who smoke but ware a mask 😂😂

@Mummabear @Johnmccabe @madchuck Americans diet from over working non education, corporate poisons to drive costs down etc is more worrisome then covid IMO. Americans are fat and unhealthy.

@Johnmccabe @madchuck @Mummabear Until 100% of the minorities recieve the prick, I can't, in good conscience, allow my white privilege to cut in line.

@Dullknife @Johnmccabe @Mummabear There we go, that's how its done.

The reverse of course is;

As an immigrant I can't, with good faith, receive my vaccine until all natives of this land have received theirs.

@Cu1974 @Mummabear @madchuck
Yes but when I say that, it sounds crazy and disturbing. So I stick with the conspiracy free reasoning.

@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]

Agreed. Don’t get the experimental gene treatment. It is not a vaccine.

@Cu1974 @Mummabear @madchuck
Don’t get me wrong. I’m a human pin cushion after 28 years in the Marine Reserve with 5 x deployments, plus 4 years of allergy shots 2x2 per week.
I don’t want this Covid shot.

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