Dr. Seuss is getting cancelled now. My son was really hard to put to sleep when he was little. We read a ton of books to him every night. Lots of Dr. Seuss in the stack every night. He learned to read by osmosis that way. He's an excellent student and on the way to becoming a doctor or engineer with a law degree because he can. F U Libtards! I KNOW he will read them to his children. Dr. Seuss books are part of The Way to Wealth.

Disappointing. Perfect full moon backdrop tonight. May have spectacular.

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MORE IMPORTANTLY, it's #3 of the No Agenda Mix Tapes that I compiled (13 more left). These are mixes from all different end-of-show mixers.

The theme of this Mix Tape EP is climate change gunk.

One my post with track listing will follow.


No Agenda Mix Tape #3
Track listing:

"No Agenda- Keep You Sane"
"Suckin' in Soot Pt. I"
"Suckin' in Soot Pt. II"
"Climate Change Horror- Movie"
"Al Gore's a Liar"
"Al Gore Tells Lies"
"12 Years Before We're Dying"
"Pay More to Save Planet Earth"
"Greta Buzzkill Thunberg"
"Hey, Now... You're Greta"
"Getting So Much Greta"
"Climate Change Horror II"
"Feeling My Feelings"


No Agenda Mix Tape #2
“They Think I’m Paranoid”
“At the End of the Day”
“What’s Your Agenda?”
“We Got Gear: John’s Drawer”
“I Got Ants”
“Floating Around”
“Adam and Ganja”
“John’s Eyeball”
“I Got Ants Reprise”
“Nick the Rat Raises Money”
“Ant 33 Raps for No Agenda”



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Thinking of yesterday’s show... why the White House press is challenging on Cuomo, etc. The press realizes that they have completely lost any credibility in their crusade against Trump. This is their attempt to recover from total loss of respect. Even the left knows that the press is full of bull crap.

ORLANDO, FL—The CDC is warning that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held this weekend could be a superspreader event. This is because the conference will completely ignore CDC guidelines and have everyone line up to kiss Donald Trump’s ring.

20 years ago, a person walking on the sidewalk speaking to themselves were crazy. Today its just someone on the phone. Coincidence?!?!

Pre-heat oven with Dutch oven inside for 30 minutes. Pour some olive oil on a baking sheet and drape plastic wrap over the oil. At same time, remove bread from bowl, fold over several times, place on sheet and cover with oiled plastic wrap. Let rise for 30 min while oven heats. Flip bread into Dutch oven and bake for 40-45min covered. Remove cover and bake for 10 minutes.

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foolproof “no knead” bread!
3 cups bread flour
1.5 tsp each salt, yeast
11oz water (warm)
Olive oil
Dutch oven
Mix flour salt yeast then add water and mix until dough-y. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let rise go 1.5 - 2 hrs.

Who wants to play the oxymoron game?

Green industry
Social/group responsibility
Conventional wisdom

What have you got? 🤸‍♂️

Chimney has a 5G tower on it. 😂. Had to do a double take. Lined up perfect

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