BOG. Back from Europe. Italy, France, Spain, with Frankfurt connections.
No vax requirements. Masking requirements nearly completely dropped over the past couple of weeks on airlines, trains, museums, everything.
Looks like back to “normal.”

P. S. Avoid Frankfurt connections if possible..

Concur with the USMC producer about the POTUS soundstage Marines. Parade Rest, or Attention, are the only appropriate positions for such an occasion.

@adam @Johncdvorak

Considering this week is literally the peak of Atlantic hurricane season, two shakes of the rain stick seems excessive.
I can understand your enthusiasm though, being fanboys of Mr. Dana and all! 🤸‍♂️

Sunday Funday! Don't we have enough Bowl shows? NO! @Laurien and I vow to keep bringing you Bowl After Bowl til' you're sick, including this latest featuring fellow NA producer @Micah!


We talk V4V in podcasting & music, bitcoin nodes, and NYC life in the modern age.

Thanks to live boosters:

Build a global satellite internet and put everyone in electric smart cars.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how this turns out.

ITM! Looking for suggestions regarding a new laptop, specs/ capabilities.

something basic under $500. No bells, whistles or super powers. Will use it for Word processing, spreadsheets, email, Internet, household records, property management… I DON’T do sound, art, photo editing, media watching, zoom, gaming, mining, hosting or anything cool or high speed. I avoid my laptop if possible. have had good experience with HP in the past, and would lean toward those.


@adam @Johncdvorak

8/20/21 Norman Fenton on Darkhorse, Bret Weinstein, podcast:

“Covid lockdown was precursor for climate lockdown.”

Time stamp 20:15-21:24

Norman Fenton - Professor of Risk Information Management, Queen Mary London University


Yesterday. First visit to Sacks Grocery Outlet (aka gross out), …thinking of JCD. Final tally $33.32.
Pull up a YouTube about Tunisia to plan for a visit. Normal daytime temps 33c.
I executive produced roughly every 33 episodes, I am due for episode 1479.
Excellent reminders from the universe! Better than a newsletter! Lol

Convo with my millennial #1 son about possibly getting drafted. He’s 28 and married.
He says “I don’t want to be drafted for World War III with China or whoever. I would do much better in WW IV with sticks and rocks! “ 🤸‍♂️

BOG: Our cicadas are rocking much harder this year than last. Yet crickets from the m5m! 🤸‍♂️

Hanging out with relatives tonight. She says “we record the (m5m) news to watch later and skip the commercials. It’s all political and pharmaceutical ads.”

My head explodes and I bite my tongue. I could try to explain, but it would not get through.

I need to get to a meet up. 🤔

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