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Every Catholic teacher who has ever applied for a position in the Greenwich, CT school district should be contacting a lawyer.

It's incredible this happened. There goes the wacky clips of non-binos ranting about one thing or another.

Mandating EVs in U.S. would require ’18 times current global production of cobalt…three quarters of lithium & half the world’s copper & rare earths. China dominates all these markets’

Wait what? According to this Canadian teacher pushing an agenda...there are now 19 various "queer" flags?? Wow.

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The TRUTH About MASS SHOOTINGS, Ch. 2 - Robert Crimo Does Not Exist was removed from YouTube for being too based. I will reupload a diluted version tomorrow.

Here is the full, uncensored one.

CPS failed to alert court about video of state employee telling 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute

"The fact that they didn't think it was relevant that their own agency is trying to prostitute a child, that's incredibly disingenuous, to have a hearing and not bring that to the court's attention."

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