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Another TV host hits the dust, collapsing live on TV. Some say it's because of the deadly boring nature of the interviewee, Liz Truss:

Latest Biden hire. Former public S&M Gay Dom suddenly turned flamboyant trans woman, Samuel Brinton. Now working at the IAEA protecting our nuclear safety. Downplayed by the NYT,

Equity at work! THANKS BIDEN!

Russia seems fed up about something. It's quitting the ISS in 2024 which mean it begins leaving shortly. The station cannot continue without the Russians


Little known fact, most of the top Sumo wrestlers today are from Mongolia not Japan. Here's the winner of the July tournament.

People can condemn Mitch McConnell but must always remember that he single-handedly prevented the that horrible milquetoast Merrick Garland from becoming a justice. And who names their kid "Merrick??"

Cripes, amateur hour. So Chris Cuomo has a podcast and gives out a phone number so you can call him. Whether there is a machine or not I'm not calling. But why is he inviting this aggravation? The show stinks by the way. He seems to be targeting Ukraine as a topic on behalf of someone.

Why Ron DeSantis will become President and Gavin Newsom will not. Yet another role model teacher lecturing the parents (of 2nd graders).

Another proud teacher bragging about how she/it/they/xie managed to get a FIRST GRADER to come out as trans.

More bogus and misleading reporting. In fact this was the security guard over in the parking lot guarding misc. equipment and trucks. He was by no means "on set" in ways you'd think. Nor was he shot by an actor.

libs on a roll
The "queer" getting paid to teach your children. Seems more preoccupied by "gender" than anything else. You know, like teaching?

Old video, but a good reminder that George Lucas was no genius story-teller.

You have to wonder why the TV networks and the M5M, in general, is not covering any of this.

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