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Robert Morse died. R.I.P. I'd last seen him in 2010 when I had him do a video for Mimi He was was a gracious man.

Here is the MSNBC graphic from a post describing both Joe Rogan and Glenn Greenwald as right wing extremists despite the fact that they are both liberals. What liars!! How do MSNBC executives live with themselves?

Artist revolt...Dame Kenny-Ben did some protest art for the art generator. The suited bald headed fart represents Adam and myself criticizing her previous submission. The dog is a nice touch.

At the same time as the cost of fertilizer is skyrocketing, millions of chickens are being slaughtered for testing positive for the flu, and the UK is paying farmers to retire early - food processing centers are mysteriously burning down

FDA authorizes breath test that can detect COVID-19 in three minutes

InspectIR COVID-19 Breathalyzer test can detect infections using only a breath sample and yield results in less than three minutes.

FDA authorizes breath test that can detect COVID-19 in three minutes

Another, oops, it changed, report. No wonder the mudflats have not changed since 1890.

CIA and MI6 are entering Ukraine.

Ukrainian parliament allows foreigners to serve in Ukraine's intelligence agencies during war. The Verkhovna Rada passed amendments to the law regulating the work of Ukraine’s intelligence agencies on April 14.

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