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An excellent joke account if you still use twitter.

has gems like this (which people are buying into)

Hi everyone, the ZeroNode network hosting the No Agenda Chat has had some unfortunate downtime on the Canadian endpoints which resulted in connectivity issues for some of you. Everything's back to normal now, so please feel free to reconnect.

From out here in the Netherlands I wish a merry Christmas to all of you,and a happy New Year! May 2022 bring us the joy of loving relationships, may the unity of our people grow strong, and may Christ also be born in our hearts. Laudetur Iesu Christe! 🙏

Most movie stars should turn over their social media accounts to their Publicists. Here's an example what happens when you are inept at social media.

Cripes, the shipping crises is so bad that they've backed up containers onto the White House lawn!!!

We go from Covid to Build Back Better to, guess what? Build back Greener and reset the focus on climate change. It's outlined in this document from the UK

Yes, the might ALL be spooks, though I doubt it. I can only be sure of the one who is hiding her face. There is only one. Nobody else is doing that.

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